Confirmed Speakers

Get to know the experts that will be sharing insights and best practices

Photograph of Simana Paul, a Xena Awards Finalist 2024

Simana Paul

Global VP Engineering at SumUp

Anna McDougall

Director Product and Engineering at Axel Springer NMT

Valérie Bures-Bönström

Partner at XAnge

Chiedza Muguti

Product Leader, Mentor & Coach

Katia Cassano

Vice President of Product at Scoutbee

Rohit Agarwal

Chief Product and Revenue Officer at SoundCloud

Shauna Griffin

Engineering Group Lead at Trade Republic

Stephen Ballot

Chief Product and Technology Officer at CareerFoundry

Oleksii Ishchenko

VP Engineering at Elopage

Zahra Beigi

Senior Product Designer at SAP

Anna Ott

VP People at HV Capital

Bhuvana Vijayan

Director of Engineering at Zenjob

Eileen Barnard

Senior Organisational Culture Manager – DE&I at Babbel

Mark Ivan Serunjogi

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager – Europe at Bitly

Kimberly Schmitt

Engineering Manager B2B at Babbel

Anne Kjær Bathel

Founder at ReDi School of Integration

Amjad Adam Oudeh

Software Engineer at SoundCloud

Photograph of David Bowen a Xena Awards Finalist 2024

David Bowen

Head of Engineering (interim) - Product Security

Elisabeth Kant

Head of Data Science at SumUp

Carla Schell

Head of Platform at Auxxo

Patricia Russ

Founder & CEO at ParkEnd Ventures

Photograph of Catherine Bassett, a Xena Summit Speaker 2024

Catherine Bassett

VP of Software Product at zolar

Julian Riedlbauer

Partner, M&A & Growth Equity Fundraising Advisory at Drake Star

Pauline Paquet

Head of Startup Success at XAnge

Carl Brenssell

Co-Founder at

Kat Liu

Staff Product Engineer at

Katharina Dufner

Coach & Trainer at StartSteps Business

Sarah Wachs

Director at Women Who Code, Berlin

Maria von Watzdorf

VP of Product, Platform at SoundCloud

Mozamel Aman

Co-Founder & CEO at Startsteps

Elena Kovalenko

Staff Software Engineer at Delivery Hero

Leonardo Senra

Senior TA partner at Preply

Andreea Lungulescu

Principal Recruiter - Senior Talent Acquisition Manager (Tech) at thermondo

Alina Bassi

Investment Manager at Ananda Impact Ventures

Rhiannon White

Chief Product Officer at Clue

Viktoria Korzhova, PhD

VP at Product People

Photograph of Sérgio Laranjeira a Xena Awards Finalist 2024

Sérgio Laranjeira

Chief Technology Officer, Metacore Games

Rosemary Hitchcock

Director of Engineering at Bumble Inc

Melina Sanchez

Principal and VP of Impact at AENU

Oana Iordachescu

Founder at We Include

Kateryna Martynova

Head of Research at Preply

Manjuri Sinha

Global Director Talent Success & DEI at OLX