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We help companies hire women in Engineering, Product and Leadership in Berlin, London, Amsterdam and New York.

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Diverse Senior Candidates

Gain access to a gender-diverse talent pool consisting of highly skilled senior talent and leaders. Connect with them at our events ranging from Meetups, Xena Summit and Awards.

Tailored Networking Events

Our invite-only events ensure you get in front of a high-quality senior audience in the comfort of your own office.

Give-back to STEM

We reinvest a share of your recruitment fees into the progression of girls and women in STEM. Allow us to fill your tech roles and close the gender gap in tech at the same time.

Become a Preffered Employer

Our marketing team will amplify your DEI efforts by featuring women tech leaders, policies, initiatives, and inspiring stories across our channels. Let us sing your praises. 

We all want the same thing: more diversity in tech.

“You can quickly tell that the Xena team does this on a daily basis and had a personal connection with the candidates.

It didn’t feel we hired an agency but the start of an actual partnership. Working with Xena has developed many possibilities and discoveries on how can we keep improving as a business.”

Natascha Nihsen

Senior Recruiter at GetYourGuide

The feedback-driven culture fostered by Xena aligned perfectly with our values at Babbel, promoting transparency and open communication throughout the entire process. Their team genuinely advocated for the talent, emphasising strengths and addressing any concerns. With Xena, you get to meet the talent pool at a Meetup and have a preview – that was extremely valuable for us.

Cemre Akdemir

Talent Acquisition Lead at Babbel

“Xena is the perfect partner for diversity hiring. They have the capacity to fill our tech and product roles with women in tech to ensure we create a diverse team that matches our culture. Since working with Xena we have increased the diversity within HelloFresh and improved our DE&I employer branding by becoming their partner.”

Yasar Ahmad

Global Vice President - Talent at HelloFresh