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How to Hire More Women in Tech

What makes you an attractive employer for women in Product & Engineering?



Empowering women in tech is not only the right thing to do, it’s good for business.

By offering flexible working arrangements, professional development opportunities, family-friendly policies, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and competitive compensation, companies can create a more inclusive environment that attracts and encourages women in tech and consequently drive innovation. 

So what can be done to attract and retain?

Flexible/ Remote Working Arrangementswomen in tech working from home

Make it easier for women in tech to balance their work and personal commitments. This can be especially important for women who may have caring responsibilities and can enable women to improve work-life balance.

For example:

– Offer flexible work hours, such as flextime or compressed work weeks. Enable flexible start and finish times.

– Allow remote work and work-from-home options.

– Provide technology and tools that support remote work and collaboration.

– Establish clear guidelines and expectations for flexible work arrangements.

– Implement a results-driven work culture that focuses on productivity, rather than hours worked.


Women in Leadership

Diversity attracts diversity. Do you have Senior women in your interview process? Create visibility of gender diverse employees during the interview process, so that prospective joiners get a feel for your tea culture. Having other women in leadership positions is important for several reasons:

Representation: When women see other women in leadership roles, it provides them with role models and inspiration. It demonstrates that leadership is not exclusive to men and encourages women to aspire to leadership positions themselves.

Diverse Perspectives: Women bring unique perspectives and experiences to leadership roles. Having diverse viewpoints at the table leads to better decision-making, problem-solving, and innovation. Women may also prioritise different issues and bring attention to matters that may be overlooked by male-dominated leadership.

Addressing Gender Bias: Women in leadership challenge stereotypes and biases about women’s capabilities. By breaking through glass ceilings and succeeding in leadership roles, they help dismantle stereotypes and pave the way for future generations of women.

Creating Inclusive Work Environments: Women in leadership can foster inclusive work environments where all employees feel valued and respected. They may implement policies and practices that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, benefiting not only women but also other underrepresented groups.

Social Impact: Women in leadership positions often advocate for social issues such as gender equality, women’s rights, and work-life balance. Their influence can lead to positive societal changes and contribute to building more equitable and just societies.

Caregiver & Family-friendly Policies

Remote working mom in tech

Offering paid maternity/paternity leave can be a major benefit for women and men in tech who want to start or grow their families while maintaining their careers. This can also help to reduce the gender pay gap and promote gender equality in the workplace.

Companies can offer paid parental leave, on-site childcare facilities or subsidies, and flexible work arrangements to support working parents. 

Examples of Family-friendly benefits:

– Offer paid parental leave for both caregivers and support for new parents.

– Provide access to on-site or subsidised childcare facilities.

– Offer flexible work arrangements to accommodate family responsibilities.

– Allow for time off for family emergencies and appointments.

– Provide resources and support for employees who are caregivers, such as elder care resources.

– Provide resources and support for managing work-life balance.

For example, get inspiration on what you need to include in your maternity policy in The Netherlands here.

Career Development

Providing opportunities for professional development such as training, mentorship programs, and opportunities for attending conferences and industry events. and networking can help women in tech advance their careers and acquire new skills. This can also help to retain talented employees and improve overall job satisfaction.

Professional development opportunities:

– Offer mentorship and coaching programs for women in tech.

– Provide opportunities for training and skill development, including conferences, workshops, and online courses.

– Create a clear career path and promotion criteria for technical roles.

– Encourage and support participation in industry groups and associations such as networking opportunities and attendance at industry events.

– Offer sponsorship programs to help women advance in their careers.

– Provide access to resources and support for continuing education.

Or hear it from Jenny Warnke herself on going from a Senior Engineer to Manager role here.

DE&I Initiatives

Creating an inclusive work culture that values diversity and provides a supportive environment for all employees can help to attract and retain women in tech. This can include initiatives such as diversity and inclusion training, employee resource groups, and regular feedback and communication. 

– Establish a diversity and inclusion strategy that includes specific goals and metrics for women in tech. Set diversity targets and regularly report on progress towards these goals.

– Implement unconscious bias training for all employees, especially managers and recruiters.

– Encourage and support employee resource groups for underrepresented groups, such as women in tech or LGBTQ+ employees.

– Ensure job descriptions and hiring practices are inclusive and avoid biased language.

– Provide equal access to career opportunities, including promotions and leadership positions.

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