“Xena is the perfect partner for diversity hiring. They have the capacity to fill our tech and product roles with women in tech to ensure we create a diverse team that matches our culture. Since working with Xena we have increased the diversity within HelloFresh and improved our DE&I employer branding by becoming their partner.”

Yasar Ahmad

Global Vice President - Talent at HelloFresh



“Thank you Xena and my amazing team for hosting this inspiring event!”.

Manan Vohra

Chief Technology Officer at FUGA

“Being a part of Xena provides a platform to be involved at a grassroots level, while having an opportunity to continuously learn. It brings a focus on STEM, while identifying that action is needed to bring the entire ecosystem together – this is exciting and unique! I am thrilled to be an ally, advocate, and to be truly involved with Xena!”

Dipti Dhawan

VP of Engineering at Omnius

“Very proud of being part of this initiative! A huge thanks to my company FUGA for engaging us in making a difference in bringing equality to tech, and also to our partners Xena and VHTO.”

Danielly Friedrich

Associate Product Manager at FUGA

“It’s been a week since I attended Finding Your Niche In Tech hosted by Xena & HelloFresh. It was a pleasure listening to these wonderful women. I channeled all of the advice into my work week and I’m proud of the outcome!”.

Bethal Adaobi Onyeakagbu

Incoming Solutions Manager at Software AG

“I had a good time going through the recruitment process with Lovet from Xena, not only was she warm and sweet, she showed gestures to make my move easier. And yes I love the welcome package, that was sweet too.”

Adisat Eletu

Senior Software Engineer at HelloFresh

“The work We Are Xexa does is so good and was essential for me to get a job offer in Germany. I’m very thankful for the work Lovett and her colleagues did! Would recommend 100%.”

Jéssica Langanz

Frontend Engineer at HelloFresh

“Xena is a perfect ally in your search for a new job abroad. They really try to find the best fit for you, taking into account not only the technologies you master but also your aspirations, interests and personal needs. The recruiter assigned to me by Xena, Nadia Amirmolavy, became my guide and I would like to say my friend.”

Leydis Esther Garzón Giro

Senior Software Developer at ThoughtWorks

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