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5 Subreddits That Will Help You Learn Python

Looking to up your Python-game?

Reddit. Love it or hate it, rest assured there is something on it for every interest. The self-proclaimed “front page of the internet” has the ability to cater to various sections of people with all kinds of diversified content from the mainstream to the downright strange.

Now, Python enthusiasts listen up. Subreddits are a boon for programmers who want to upgrade their performance and connect with like-minded people. Whether you want to apply your skills or offer advice to others, check out the list below for the best subreddits you should be following. 


With over 893k ‘Pythonistas’ this subreddit is your one-stop shop for all python-related news. Ready to offer advice to others? Then this is the place for you. However if you are a self-confessed newbie they recommend heading over to r/learnpython (we’ll get to this one next). 


As previously mentioned, this is the place to go for asking questions and getting general advice about your python code. With 579k members there’s sure to be someone who can help you out with any of your python needs. 


Ready to show off what you can do? Rather than flooding r/Python, this sub is a dedicated space for members to showcase their work in the python language. One thread we particularly enjoyed – ‘Why You Should Learn Python in 2022’. 


Also aptly-titled ‘where the rookies roam’, this sub is a gem for those looking to apply their newfound skills. People learning python can come and test what they’ve learnt on actual projects and receive feedback. 


Now you’ve talked the talk, are you ready to walk the walk? If you are keen to test your coding skills in the real-world then this is the sub for you. Regularly updating with python job postings, this one is for those ready to turn a hobby into a career. We believe in you.