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5 Women In Berlin To Follow On Github

Check out Xena’s top 5 profiles that are guaranteed to further your career in tech

If you are a person in tech, GitHub is the place to be. A version control system that allows developers to collaborate, contribute and network with like-minded people, a great GitHub profile is the golden ticket to furthering your career in tech. 

New to GitHub and looking for inspiration from those at the top of their game? Seasoned GitHub veteran and looking to expand your network? We have you covered. Here we have rounded up 5 women in Berlin on GitHub who you want to be following. 

Marielle Dado | Data Scientist

With 802 contributions in the last year, Marielle is as active on GitHub as you can get. A data scientist based in Berlin, her Learning Sciences PhD is put to work combining theories from psychology and methods from computer science to understand how people learn. 

If that didn’t take up enough of her time, she also organises coding workshops and talks for PyLadies Berlin and Woman in Machine Learning and Data Science (WiMLDS) Berlin. Oh, and fun fact, she also co-owns a coffee farm.

Ronna Steinberg | Senior Software Engineer for Delivery Hero

Ronna’s resume is impressive to say the least. Currently the Chapter Lead for Women Who Go Berlin (an organisation which educates underrepresented groups in tech through workshops and talks), Google Developer Expert for Go, Senior Software Engineer for Delivery Hero, and Go Time’s Unpopular Opinion Hall of Famer, she has fingers in all the pies. 

Experienced in design and development of backend distributed systems, she’s now helping other women get into the industry and equipping them with the knowledge she wished she had had at their age. 

Anna Morgiel | Software Engineer for Android at Scout24

A professional software Engineer working with Jetpack Compose, Coroutines, and Jetpack components, Anna has wracked up an impressive 974 contributions on GitHub in the last year. 

A passionate community organiser, volunteer at Women Techmakers Berlin and Google Developer Groups Android, which are Berlin’s chapters of global programmes run by Google, and self-confessed bridge enthusiast, her focus is achieving gender parity in technology and passing on the opportunities she was given to others. 

Shermin Voshmgir | Author of the book Token Economy, founder of Token Kitchen, BlockchainHub Berlin and co-founder of the Institute for Cryptoeconomics.

Author, director, founder and all-round tech badass, Shermin’s focus is to make technology accessible to a non-tech audience. 

Her book Token Economy summarises existing knowledge about blockchain networks and other distributed ledgers as the backbone of the Web3. Mapping the socioeconomic implications of Web3 applications, it is both an impressive and necessary read for anyone interested in tech and its functions. 

Jessy Jordan | Senior Frontend Engineer at Meroxa

Both a writer at Ember.js, a JavaScript framework for building modern web applications, and a Senior Frontend Engineer at Meroza, a real-time data platform that provides the tools to build real-time streaming infrastructure in minutes, Jessy’s GitHub profile is not one to pass over. 

Like her peers, she also helps organise meetups for Ember.js Berlin.

All these women are achieving great things both on and offline. If you don’t know, get to know.

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