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6 Leaders Roadmapping London's Biggest Products

Meet the innovators shaping London’s product landscape

Step into the dynamic world of London’s product powerhouses and buckle up as we spotlight the stellar minds shaping the future of some of the most used Apps and Software products in the UK and abroad. These leaders are tasked with prioritising feature development that costs millions, and are often expected to make difficult market and economic decisions. Let’s face it, it’s not just about the products; it’s about the people behind them, too.

So, grab your favourite beverage, settle in, and let’s celebrate the success of product leaders in London who are instrumental in driving innovation and success in some of the world’s most pioneering companies.


Ana de la Vega, Head of Product at loveholidays


Ana de la Vega stands tall as the Head of Product at loveholidays, a leading online travel agency committed to revolutionising the way we experience vacations. With her visionary leadership, Ana spearheads innovative strategies that redefine customer experiences in the travel industry. Her dedication to fostering inclusivity and diversity within her team sets a shining example for aspiring product leaders across the globe.

Rohini Tendulkar, Group Product Manager at Gousto


Rohini Tendulkar, ex-senior product manager at Amazon, brings three years of experience from the tech giant. She now serves as the Group Product Manager at Gousto, an online meal-kit manufacturer and retailer that uses AI and automation to provide extensive choice and personalisation. At Gousto, Rohini plays a pivotal role in the development and enhancement of products, ensuring that customers have a seamless experience in cooking delicious meals at home. Gousto’s recipes are developed by a team of passionate chefs and tested rigorously before being delivered to your doorstep. Founded in 2011, Gousto has grown from market stalls to a comprehensive online platform, delivering quality ingredients for tasty home-cooked meals.

Katie Cummings, VP of Product at Deliveroo


Katie Cummings is the Vice President of Product at Deliveroo, the leading online food delivery company headquartered in London. Joining the product team in 2017 as a Senior PM, she swiftly rose to Group Product Lead. Before joining Deliveroo, Katie served as a Growth Manager at Maple Food Co in NYC and held the title of Director of Program Operations at TNTP. With a background in Mass Communications from the University of California, Berkeley, Katie has also pursued a Certificate of Culinary Entrepreneurship from the International Culinary Center. At Deliveroo, Katie oversees the strategic direction and development of products, contributing to the company’s mission of delivering great food from the best restaurants to customers’ doorsteps.

Karine Massé, Principal Product Manager at BeZero Carbon


With well over 10 years of product management experience, Karine Massé leads the delivery of products at BeZero Carbon, the carbon ratings agency. She drives the key decisions on what are the right products, the ones that users will care about and use, and that are valuable to the business. Investing in carbon projects is essential to tackling climate change. Independent, risk-based, project-level carbon ratings are essential to that investment. BeZero Carbon equips world-leading organizations with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to make better climate decisions, aiming to scale investment in environmental markets that deliver a sustainable future. Karine’s expertise in product management, development, strategy, and digital transformation are instrumental in driving BeZero Carbon’s mission forward.

Carolina Corvo Carvalheira, Group Product Manager at Checkout.com


With a background in product management, Carolina Corvo Carvalheira is the Group Product Manager at Checkout.com, a financial technology company that delivers a high-performance payments platform. Checkout.com is headquartered in London, with offices worldwide, including New York, Paris, Dubai, and Hong Kong. In her role, Carolina oversees the development and enhancement of products, ensuring seamless payment experiences for enterprise and scaling businesses globally. She is also a founding member of Women in Product UK, a community for female product managers and leaders.

Marta Jasinska, Vice President of Product Engineering Bumble Inc

Networking Application

At the helm of product engineering for Bumble Inc, Marta Jasinska orchestrates a symphony of innovation, driving forward the mission of empowering connections in the digital realm. Bumble, renowned for its commitment to diversity and female empowerment, finds a dynamic leader in Marta, whose expertise and passion continue to elevate the platform to new heights of success.

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In the dynamic world of London’s product powerhouses, these stellar minds not only prioritise features but also make difficult market decisions. It’s not just about the products; it’s about the people behind them too. Together, they shape the future of product management, embodying the essence of creativity, inclusivity, and visionary leadership.

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