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9 Tech Influencers In Europe You Should Be Following

The women we are absolutely loving right now

Tech influencers. Where would we be without them? They keep their fingers on the pulse of technology, testing products and services, observing the market and commenting on trends and developments. Whether lurking on twitter or quoted in traditional media, their opinions are read and valued by thousands, from consumers to CEOs. 

Social media, while often berated, is also a valuable source of exploration, education and inspiration. While reading statistics about women in tech may be depressing, there are plenty of female tech influencers you can follow to see the wide-ranging impact women have on the industry. These influencers are challenging the stereotypes of people in tech one post at a time. 

So who are the most influential women in the tech industry? Let’s meet some of them now. 

1.Katie King | Linkedin | Twitter

Voted a Top 30 Woman in AI in August 2021, British-born Katie King is a Board Advisor, published author, and keynote speaker on artificial intelligence and digital transformation. As well as speaking to her 13.2K strong Twitter following, she has also delivered two TEDx talks and is a frequent commentator on BBC TV and radio. Clearly, she is someone worth listening to. 

2. Ishtar Touailat | Linkedin | Instagram

Ishtar Touailat is a Swedish entrepreneur passionate about women’s empowerment and education in technology and IT. Her 162K following on Instagram is actually the least impressive of her many achievements, having been awarded Sweden’s most ‘Powerful Business Women 2018, ‘Future Female Leader 2018’, ‘Sweden’s Super Talent and Top Influencer 2017’,‘IT Woman of the Year 2016’ and ‘Sweden’s Top Innovation Talent 2015’. Who’s bothered about a blue tick amongst all of that?

3. Christiane Vejlø | Linkedin | Twitter

Christiane Vejlø is one Denmark’s, actually scratch that, Europe’s, leading influences when it comes to technology versus humans and digital transformation and culture. The brains behind the award-winning tech blog elektronista.dk, she hosts her own award-winning tech show on national radio as well as tweeting to her 58.6K strong following. 

She also is the ideas-women and designer behind the world’s first tech bag – the Knomo Elektronista digital clutch – as recommended by Wired, Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan and others. A woman of many talents.

4. Yolanda Bilé | Linkedin | Instagram

Based in Brussels, Yolanda Bilé is a data scientist, climate optimist, and entrepreneur who shares her knowledge of tech and its application to business growth to her 11.9K Instagram followers. She’s also the founder of Natch!, a line of eco-friendly iPhone cases made from plants that are certified 100% compostable. Follow her for actionable online business tips as well as an aesthetically-pleasing Instagram feed. 

5. Kat Borlongan | Linkedin | Twitter

With a twitter reach of over 14.7K, Kat Borlongan recently joined Contentsquare as one of the first Chief Impact Officers on a unicorn’s exec team. A big name in tech, she previously led La French Tech, a government-led taskforce built to bolster the French startup ecosystem. During this time she created the world’s most open tech visa, the French Tech Next 40/120 program, a €25M meta-accelerator for underprivileged founders, and supported thousands of startups at the onset of the Covid crisis. 

6. Delphine Rémy-Boutang | Linkedin | Twitter

A fellow Parisian, Delphine Rémy-Boutang advocates for women in tech to her 12.8K Twitter followers. Founder of The Margaret Foundation, which aims to give women back their place in the digital world, and the JFD Club, an exclusive women’s network that promotes entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and female innovation, she splits her time between London and Paris as founder and director of The Bureau, a digital agency. 

7. Dr. Sue Black | LinkedinTwitter

An award-winning computer scientist and founder of BCSWomen, the UK’s first online network for women in tech, and #techmums, a social enterprise which empowers mums and their families through tech, Dr. Sue Black OBE was listed as one of the ‘Ten Women in Tech You Need to Meet’ by The Guardian. 

Also named one of Forbes World #Top50 Women in Tech, she is also known to her 66.1K twitter following for her activism around digital social inclusion and for running the successful social media-led campaign to save the home of the WW2 codebreakers, Bletchley Park. 


8. Hosanna Hali | Linkedin | Instagram

Highlighted as one of the ten influential Black British women who code and break down barriers by People of Colour In Tech, Hosanna is a champion for diversity and inclusion and empowers young women to believe that they can also begin a career in tech. 

An Azure Specialist at Microsoft, she is also the founder of The Tech Cornr, a platform she created to share resources, career advice and “help women secure the tech bag”. She has since gained a following of 36.6K on her Instagram and 46.7K on TikTok, as well as regularly posting on her YouTube channel. 

Mash M | Linkedin | Instagram

Last but not least, Mash isn’t your everyday influencer. Posting to her 36.8K Instagram following, the Germany-based software engineer and iOS developer provides aesthetically-pleasing tips and tricks designed to empower women in STEM.

If you hop over to her YouTube channel, you’ll find video topics that vary from ‘How To Become a Self-Taught iOS Developer in 2022’ to ‘Habits That Changed My Life As a Software Engineer’. If it’s practical advice about working in tech you are after, then this is the content for you.

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