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DE&I Rising Stars in Berlin & Amsterdam

Leading by example, discover what these 5 companies are doing for diversity, equity and inclusion in the tech scene.

Berlin and Amsterdam are known for their thriving tech scene but only a few companies go the extra mile and actually commit to diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I).
Nowadays, it isn’t enough for a company to say they’re doing the work, there must be evidence it’s actually happening.
Take a look at the companies that are turning DE&I a reality:

1. Futurice

Futurice’s DE&I goals are guided by two key sources. First and foremost, their DE&I audit has helped them identify specific aspects in their thinking and ways of working that should be improved. At Xena, we love to see some self-awareness!

The second guiding beacon for them comprises their overall vision and company strategy, which help Futurice make decisions based on what they are aiming to be. By 2024, they want to have a 33% share of women across all career levels within their tech competence. Nothing makes us happier than seeing companies support the progression of women across all teams and levels!


Blinkist has a focus on inclusive leadership and educating their team members. They have developed not 1, not 2 but 3 learning modules on; Systemic Racism & Black Experience, Pride & LGBTQIA+ Experience, Anti-Asian Racism & Violence. These modules were created in the hope of supporting the Blinkist communities by sharing their stories and experiences but making sure our team members are learning constantly and becoming informed allies. @Blinkist, where can we signup?

Additionally, they have created a Code of Conduct  in order to make their values visible and actively lived, and therefore they clearly defined. If you want to learn more about Blinkist’s Code of Conduct, you can click here.


FREE NOW celebrates diversity and has a clear vision: to be the place where a diverse mix of talented people come together in a welcoming setting. They are committed to fostering inclusion across diverse backgrounds within their teams and as a company. They have introduced FREE NOW Communities which are a space for professional and personal development, sharing experiences, networking, and launching initiatives. The 4 initial communities the company is focusing on are: Women, Parents, LGBTQ+ and Black employees, and allies at FREE NOW. Each of the groups has the support of one member of our Senior Management to raise awareness, be an advocate, and sparring partner to the group which is self-led. Excuse us, but are we even surprised that Women made it to the shortlist? No we are not and we live for it!

4. Lalaland

Their goal is very clear, they are on a mission to make the web a more diverse place and are revolutionising the online shopping experience. With 11 different nationalities in their team, Lalaland’s team has a healthy mix of contrasting perspectives and backgrounds. They don’t just preach diversity, but actually practise it. 40% of their employees are women and they welcome womxn+, BIPoc, LGBTQI+, people with disabilities and other underrepresented groups in the world. Talk about conscious efforts making diversity dreams come true!

5. SwipeGuide

Is on a mission to reduce waste, spare resources for better use, and save the world from useless paper instructions. Now that is something we want to swipe right on! To do so, SwipeGuide works together as a team in an open and inclusive environment, to learn, grow, and build great products. They are committed to creating a diverse environment influenced by a lifetime of individual experiences. They hire people from all walks of life, “not just because it’s the right thing to do”, but also because when people from diverse backgrounds build a company, the understanding and embracing of their communities grow exponentially.

A good DE&I strategy should not focus on one or two dimensions of diversity – a good strategy will take a holistic approach. Allow us to educate and support you on your journey of organisational transformation whilst building a diverse and inclusive team for you.

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