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Love/Hate Her?

Defining Your Leadership Style In Tech

Date: 19th May, 18:00 – 20:30

Location: Native Instruments, Schlesische Str. 29/30, 10997 Berlin, Germany

Description: Why do we sometimes distrust women leaders? Women make up only 19% of C-level leadership in Europe. So why are we still not seeing more women in leadership positions? Could it be because of gender stereotypes and how we perceive women in tech? Or is it because what we believe to be a leadership quality is often related to a stereotype about masculine behaviour?

As much as we’d like to deny it, unconscious bias exists. And it is very real when we consider what we believe should be expected of a leader. This Meetup is an opportunity for women in tech to connect and overcome challenges they experience as a leader. Our panel consists of women at different leadership levels to offer a diversity of successes and failures to help you learn and grow.

So whether you’re a Team Lead, Manager, CTO or Founder, this Meetup will support and guide you on your journey of leadership.

The objective of this Meetup is to:

1. Explore challenges that might arise for women in leadership and how to overcome them.

2. How to develop and evolve your own leadership style during your career.

3. How to manage and respond to stereotypes about your leadership.

4. Success VS Likeability. How can you have both? Should you care?

5. What does success look like, and how do you measure it?

6. How to build future leaders on your team.



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