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Pregnant, then screwed?

Wondering what kind of support women really need when returning from maternity leave?

Date: 7th April 6pm – 8pm

Location: Hubs, Danzigerkade 23A, 1013 AP Amsterdam, Netherlands

Description: Although pregnancy shouldn’t affect your career progression, it will usually interrupt it. You should be able to return to work at the same level of seniority you left it, but you can’t accrue experience or technical skill whilst you’re not at work, so your leave will halt your progress until you return.

For those in the tech field, family planning and pregnancy comes with its own set of challenges caused by the startup culture and a massive gender gap. Let’s be honest, bias sucks, and gender bias still exists. So let’s use our own experiences to overcome challenges women may face in the industry.

Our panel of industry experts will discuss how:

—> How companies can better support women to minimise the interruption of parenthood on their career progression

—> What alternative options are available to women who are not ready for parenthood/motherhood


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