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An Expats Guide: Moving to Berlin for tech

Your guide to incredible dining, cultural and music scenes in the fastest-growing tech city.

Xena are an eclectic bunch. We’ve come from different corners of the world before choosing to settle in Berlin or Amsterdam.  We’ve learnt a few things about packing our lives up and moving to the Berlin. We’ve made mistakes, discovered useful tips, found work and began building our new communities. And so we compile our collective knowledge here in this guide to do just that – guide you on the smoothest route to starting your new life in Berlin.

We break this comprehensive tech-expat guide up into three sections – Working, The Practicalities and Community & Lifestyle. We cover all of the important things from choosing the right recruiter to setting up your bank accounts and choosing the best bar for your Friday drinks.

Download the digital pdf to read later but beware, this guide has convincing powers, you may find yourself falling in love with Berlin.

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