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How Xena Hired 11 Engineers For HelloFresh In 7 Months

Xena Hired 11 Women In Engineering For HelloFresh Berlin In 7 Months

Most of us don’t have the time to cook a nutritious meal after a long hard day behind our laptops. That’s where HelloFresh comes in. From shopping for ingredients, picking up recipes and cooking the food itself – HelloFresh has you covered. Behind this reputable meal kit delivery service is a team of dedicated software Engineers who make sure your hard-earned meals are fresh and delivered with convenience.

Companies at the forefront of technology often let diversity take a back seat. HelloFresh on the other hand, go above and beyond and even have a ‘diversity centre of excellence’ within their Talent Acquisition function – niche. 

As the world’s leading meal-kit company, it’s no surprise that having a diverse tech team and creating a culture of inclusion is at the center of their hiring strategy. 

Hiring Engineers in itself is a difficult task, let alone hiring women for Engineering or Product teams. That’s where Xena comes in. Over the course of an ongoing 7 month partnership, Xena diversified HelloFresh’s Engineering team in Berlin by hiring 11 women across Backend, Frontend and DevOps.

Here’s how….

The Challenge

HelloFresh wanted to improve the gender distribution on their Engineering team. Not only did Hellofresh want to hire a more diverse workforce, but they also wanted to contribute to closing the gender gap in tech. They needed a recruitment agency that could support them in adding more women to their hiring pipeline. By working with Xena over the course of 7 months, HelloFresh donated €28,125 to inspire more girls to pursue a career in technology. Read more about our charity partners. 

The Solution 

At Xena, our consultants have a global network that specialise in hiring women. Diversity is not a problem that is solved overnight. The team at Xena worked closely with the hiring team at HelloFresh to understand their diversity goals and what processes they could improve to attract and retain more women.

During this partnership, Xena added 155 women to HelloFresh’s Engineering pipeline to improve the gender distribution on their Engineering team. Xena and HelloFresh also hosted a Meetup in Berlin on Building your Own Personal Brand in Tech, which gave HelloFresh the opportunity to connect and network with more women in technology and also an opportunity to give back to our growing community.  

Check out their latest video to learn more about HelloTech table!


A closer look at the numbers 

Don’t just take our word for it 

Work with Xena

The market is calling out for diversity and we’re listening. We hire women in Engineering and Product for companies who are serious about closing the gender gap on their tech team. Work with us and gain access to our gender-diverse talent pool including Senior Engineer, Product and Leadership talent.

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