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How To Create A Diverse Slack Code of Conduct?

Slack is where it’s at, learn how to make it inclusive for your company

To make sure everyone invited feels welcome and comfortable, it is important to create a diverse code of conduct for your company Slack. 

A code of conduct sets company norms for behaviour. Used right, Slack can be a great tool for building a community-feel and streamlining communication. Used poorly, Slack can be a major distraction and a hotbed for misperception. 

Ensuring that everyone feels included should be priority number one. That’s why creating a framework for expected behaviours should be top of your to-do list. We did some of the thinking for you and created this guide to help you find value from your company Slack and generally being a good human online. 

1. Make sure to set the tone

Your company Slack should be a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ability, physical appearance, race or religion. Make sure your code of conduct makes this clear and sets the appropriate tone, covering what kind of communication is and isn’t expected. The company Slack is still a professional environment and should be treated as such.

2. Make Slack reflect your broader values

Resist the temptation to cut and paste from the internet, your Slack code of conduct should be personal to your company and values. Keep your values clear, simple, and proactive so employees can check in on whether their actions or experience are aligned well. 

3. Encourage community

To create a diverse and inclusive team, you want your employees to feel like part of a community. Slack is for building, learning and sharing, not business transactions. Your code of conduct should reflect that. Encourage conversations, creating channels, sharing insights and connecting with others. 

4. Anti-harassment is a non-negotiable

Any diverse code of conduct should include a clear anti-harassment policy. It ensures that in the event of an incident, employees understand their rights and the steps to seek support. Make this policy explicit in addressing all forms of unacceptable activity, define what is not appropriate, outline the steps for reporting an incident and explain what to expect after a report has been filed. As an extra step, listing the consequences of certain examples of violations can also act as a deterrent. 

5. Include what you offer in exchange

So you’ve covered what you do and don’t expect from your company employees. But what can they expect from you? As a company, promise to learn and share, and commit to creating a positive space for everyone.

Happy Slack-ing!

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