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International Women's Day 2022

Meet 7 of Europe’s Tech Leaders 

Less Than 19% Of Europe’s C-Level Executives Are Women

It’s time to take a stand for women in tech. With technology advancing rapidly into every aspect of our lives, the mission to make women seen and heard in the industry is more important than ever. C-Level Leaders in tech are responsible for overseeing the development of technology and building the products of the future. In other words, highly influential positions within the industry that requires diverse representation.

In order to effectively solve problems and shape our society, the tech industry needs to accurately represent our society, a large proportion of which identity as women. Slowly but surely the tech industry is recognising and promoting more women into leadership roles. But the fight for gender equality continues to be crucial so that this future-proof industry is built for, and by an accurate representation of society.  

Many women working in tech say there is still a lack of visibility and representation. According to a report by TrustRadius, 72% of the women in tech surveyed said that they’re usually outnumbered by men in business meetings by a ratio of 2:1, while 26% said they’re outnumbered by 5:1 or more. 

That is precisely the reason why Xena sat down with 7 of Europe’s Leaders in technology this International Women’s Day. To understand what it takes to be a Leader, and why each of these Leaders are inspired to keep pushing for equality in technology in 2022. 

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