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Sustainability Unveiled in the US

Meet 5 Organisations Making the Green Tech Scene Bloom

Have you caught wind of the booming growth in the green tech sector across the US?

According to recent statistics, investments in clean energy and sustainable technologies have reached record levels, with over $64 billion invested in renewable energy projects in 2023 alone. This surge reflects a broader shift towards eco-conscious solutions, driven by both market demand and regulatory incentives.

Why is this good news?

As the green tech sector continues to grow, there is an increasing emphasis on fostering diversity in hiring, entrepreneurship, and leadership roles.

Shall we name a few? Allow us to spotlight organisations catalysing transformative change for a greener planet:

Bowery Farming

Founded: 2015

Headquarters: New York, New York

Bowery, the largest vertical farming company in the United States, designs and builds smart indoor environments to reimagine the future of food. Bowery is transforming the entire fresh food supply chain to be smarter, safer, and more sustainable. Bowery’s farms are 100x+ more productive than traditional agriculture while using a fraction of the resources—all enabled by leading-edge technology.

Bowery is scaling quickly with five farms in operation, including a state-of-the-art R&D and innovation farm for pioneering indoor Agriculture Science, and two commercial farms under development that will more than double the company’s total production. Bowery’s brand has been in the market since 2016 and is currently sold in over 1,800 locations including Whole Foods, Ahold Delhaize, Amazon, Safeway/Albertsons, and Walmart.

Bowery is backed by tech and agriculture industry leaders with $647M in equity and debt raised from investors including Fidelity, Temasek, Google Ventures, KKR, General Catalyst, GGV Capital, First Round Capital, and individuals including Jeff Wilke, Tom Colicchio, José Andrés, and David Barber of Blue Hill.


Founded: 2007

Headquarters: Brooklyn, New York

EnergyHub is a software technology company that lets consumers turn their smart thermostats, electric vehicles, EV charging equipment, energy storage systems, solar inverters, water heaters and more into virtual power plants that keep the grid reliable and enable higher penetration of solar and wind power. EnergyHub works on a technology that already provides energy and cost savings to more than a million people through partnerships with the most exciting companies in the ‘internet of things.’​

EnergyHub is an independent subsidiary of Alarm.com, the leading technology provider of connected home solutions.

Back Market

Founded: 2014

US Office: New York

Back Market is a global marketplace specialising in premium refurbished electronics. The company’s mission is to make refurbished technology trustworthy, reliable, and affordable.

As a certified B-Corp, Back Market is committed to maximising the use of existing resources. The company believes in the exceptional quality of refurbished products, which not only function perfectly but also have a significantly lower environmental impact compared to new electronics, as confirmed by independent scientific research. Each purchase of refurbished tech helps reduce additional environmental strain on the planet.

Beyond the products offered by sellers on their marketplace, Back Market upholds rigorous sustainability standards in its own operations. The company collaborates with the refurbishment industry to innovate new technologies, supports environmental initiatives targeting electronic waste (e-waste), and engages with local governments worldwide to advocate for sustainability and the Right to Repair within the tech sector.



Founded: 2010

Headquarters: New York, New York

Runwise is the first end-to-end boiler and heating system management platform. The company combines a proprietary heat computer and sensor network, machine learning systems, and a team of trained boiler experts, to reduce fuel consumption by an average of 20-25% across 6,000 buildings around New York City. Runwise’s customers include some of the smallest owners, all the way up to the biggest, including The Related Companies, Lemle & Wolff, Bettina Equities, Winn Residential and the Lefrak Organization. Runwise’s platform is the only end-to-end boiler monitoring and management system that saves owners money, increases tenant comfort, and radically lowers carbon output across New York City. Plus, it is the most cost-effective way to reduce your carbon output and get into compliance with carbon legislation – you can expect at least 20% greener and cleaner output!

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability

Founded: 2010

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Women in Cleantech and Sustainability (WCS) is a proactive organisation that champions the advancement of women within the green economy, fostering positive environmental impact. WCS serves as a crucial platform for professional women across all levels of the clean technology and sustainability sectors to connect, network, and stay informed about cutting-edge industry developments.

A common challenge at many cleantech and sustainability events is the limited representation of women, but WCS is committed to addressing this imbalance by cultivating a supportive and inclusive community. Through engaging networking sessions and educational events, WCS brings together women who share a passion for renewable energy, water conservation, smart grid technologies, sustainable transportation, green buildings, and other key aspects of the green movement.

Let’s make DEI in Tech a reality. 

Together we can make a difference – help us, help you!

Diversify Your Team

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