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Xena Women In Tech Awards: The D&I Award 2023

Are you a D&I advocate in tech?

We’ve seen a lot of progression around the topic of diversity in tech in recent years. But are we seeing enough action? Tech companies are starting to realise that hiring women and underrepresented minorities goes beyond a socially-appropriate PR effort and has some real benefits. Increased revenue, improved retention rates and increased productivity tend to be the top three advantages. So the question we are asking is, why are there not more diversity and inclusion champions in the world?

If you ask our advice, companies need to take diversity and inclusion seriously. But it’s not all down to the companies. There are some people out there who are advocates for diversity, equity and inclusion in tech. These people are actively anti-racist and devote their time to pushing inclusion forward.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Award is for the forward-thinkers who always have advanced diversity in tech. We’ve teamed up with Booking.com – one of the world’s leading digital travel companies to discover and celebrate diversity and inclusion leaders in tech. Know someone who comes to mind? Let us know!

So who is the Diversity and Inclusion Award for?

Nominees should be:
1. A leader who identities as she/her or they

2. Based in Europe

3. Demonstrated a passion for equality, diversity and inclusion in tech

4. Is a champion for promoting the work of women in technology with quantitative evidence to support this

5. Acknowledges the impact of unconscious bias on the progression of women in the industry

Who can nominate?

ANYONE. We encourage you to nominate yourself, your colleague, a friend, your manager or an ally in tech who inspires you.

Why should you nominate a diversity and inclusion leader?

Not only will this person be crowned the D&I leader of the year, but they will also receive some epic prizes from our partners. So what are you waiting for? Nominate a leader here.

Booking.com sponsor this award because

At Booking.com, the diversity of our people doesn’t just create a unique workplace, it also creates a better and more inclusive travel experience for everyone. Making it easier for everyone to experience the world is not a small task. But it’s the diversity of our teams that allows us to do just that. Each and every day the passion of our people is what brings our mission to life. Inclusion is at the heart of everything we do. It’s a place where you can make your mark and have a real impact in travel and tech.

Paulo Pisano

SVP & Chief People Office at Booking.com

Mandy Meuleners | Senior Solution Engineer

“Anyone who likes working with a truly diverse crowd that respects one another, and who’s up for working as a team to make it easier for absolutely everyone to experience the world will enjoy working at Booking.com!”

About our partner

At Booking, leaders recognise that diversity gives us strength. There are teams established that focus only on driving inclusion and diversity. There is still work to do, but there is also evidence of continuous improvements. We do have women in leadership roles. Equality in pay is actually guaranteed, with a system that runs independently and corrects any pay gaps automatically. The company implemented a worldwide policy of 22 weeks maternity/parental leave. During lockdowns, parents were offered extra time off to be able to better manage work/life balance. We have dedicated training and development programs for women. All managers do bias training. These are just a few examples and there is more to come. We are currently planning for 2023 and have some very ambitious objectives when it comes to supporting our women in tech.

More information about our initiatives can be found here.

We want you to help us discover Europe’s technology leaders who are pushing the industry forward! Is it your colleague, manager, friend or someone in tech? 

Tell us who inspires you.