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Best Companies For Data Experts in London

Xena’s Picks – Top Picks for Data Professionals

Where would we be without Data? Not driven, thats for sure.

If you’re a woman in Data and looking for your next step –it’s your lucky day. We have collected 5 killer companies to work at if you’re a Data expert based in London.

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Industry: ClimateTech
Company size: 22 employees
Tech Stack: Python-based data processing and/or machine learning: Pandas, SQL, Scipy, scikit-learn, PyTorch/Tensorflow

This forward-thinking startup uses advanced technologies to drive a swift and efficient transition to zero carbon in the power and heavy industry sectors. By harnessing the power of satellite imagery, machine learning, and financial modelling, the company is able to gather real-time insights into the economic risks of fossil fuel assets and and the opportunities from decarbonisation.

TransitionZero values gender equality and cultural diversity as a top priority. More than 50% of their board members are female, and they strive to create an inclusive and equitable work environment, offering flexible working hours and parental support.

TransitionZero has partnered with Xena, speak to Megan to find your dream role.

“Cultivating positive and productive employee experiences is fundamental to our organisational strategy. We have a lot of very talented people here at TransitionZero, and we prioritise giving them the tools and environment to thrive in their roles; whether that’s through our dedicated innovation days or professional development initiatives, protecting space for curiosity and ensuring room for growth is at the top of our agenda.”



Industry: Manufacturing
Company size: 115,000 employees worldwide
Tech Stack: Azure data stack e.g. Databricks, Spark, Python, PySpark, ADLS, Delta Lake, Parquet

Mars is committed to fostering an environment where their associates feel valued and respected, regardless of any visible or invisible differences. 41% of Mars leaders are women and they have advanced the number of gender-balanced (defined as between 40% and 60% of any one gender) leadership teams from 43% to 50% over the past year. Mars also launched a pilot program called “Advancing Female Leaders,” and is placing a dedicated focus on functions that have an underrepresentation of women, including Supply and Digital Technologies.

“Sustained change requires sustained action. Action requires education, allyship, analysis of our processes and procedures and a commitment to deconstructing and adjusting our systems, where needed. And the time for action is now.”– Ibtehal Fathy, Global Inclusion and Diversity Officer, Mars

Get to know more about their progress here.


Industry: IT Services & Consulting
Company size: 101 employees
Tech Stack: Java and Python. Hands-on experience with Snowflake, Databricks and Datafactory

They are committed to diversity and inclusion and promoting equality of opportunity for all, and are working to create a culture and environment where every individual can make the best use of their skills. Through partnerships with inclusive job boards, they make sure that their vacancies reach the widest audience possible. They also believe in giving their people the opportunity to develop, grow, and offer training budgets for their employees to use on courses, memberships, and resources.

OakNorth Bank

Industry: Financial Services
Company size: 319 employees
Tech Stack: TypeScript, React, styled-components. Python, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, BigQuery, MySQL, Jest, React Testing Library, Cypress, pytest, AWS, GCP, Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, GitHub, CircleCI

This bank goes beyond finance, they aim to empower people, encourage professional growth and create an environment where everyone can thrive.

They pride themselves on having a flat organisational structure, where every single employee feels empowered to speak up, share ideas, and challenge the norm. It’s what gives them the passion to excel together.

Virgin Media

Industry: Telecommunications
Company size: 9239 employees worldwide
Tech Stack: SQL, Python, Spark, R, Matlab

Their mission is to build an inclusive environment that celebrates difference in all forms and represents their customers, people and society, they strive for Gender Equality.

As part of their ongoing commitment to gender equality, they also published a 2020 gender pay gap report.


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