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10 Tech Meetup Groups You Should Join In Berlin

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Unlike conferences, Meetups are one of the best ways to meet industry experts and learn from them – for free. Within the tech industry, there are tonnes of Meetup communities for you to choose from. You’ll find like-minded people in tech who also want to connect, learn new skills, and learn from each other. You’ll also meet and connect with all types of characters including CTOs, entrepreneurs, software developers, engineering managers, hiring managers, and recruiters. In an era of uncertainty, there really is no better time to explore what groups are out there and potentially land yourself your next gig in the process.

To save you the hassle of trolling online, we’ve put together a list of 10 Tech Meetup groups in Berlin that you should join if you are a woman in tech. You are welcome.

1. WeAreXena: Women In Tech
Members: 1,347

We might be biased, but we run a pretty good gig at Xena, and even better Meetups on topics women actually want to hear about. Our Meetups create a space for women to connect with industry experts and international public speakers and ask questions they might never have the opportunity to before. Negotiating your salary in tech, defining your leadership style, and Toddlers Timing and Taboo topics top are all areas we cover. 

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women who code berlin

2.Women Who Code Berlin

Women Who Code is the largest and most active community of engineers dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers. They envision a world where women are representative as technical executives, founders, VCs, board members, and software engineers. Their programs are designed to get you there. Who should join? Their community is for professional women in technology careers, including software engineers, developers, UX/UI designers, data scientists and more. Current and aspiring coders are welcome.

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3. Women Tech Makers Berlin

Women Techmakers Berlin has been encouraging diversity in tech in Berlin since 2015. This group is on a mission to create visibility, networking, and resources to make the tech community of Berlin diverse and inclusive!

They have different activities including intense study groups, inspirational fireside chats, and international events. New and existing members are always welcome to all of their events, and all events are always open for everyone, regardless of gender/age/race/experience, etc.

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Pyladies Berlin

4.PyLadies Berlin

PyLadies is an international mentorship group for marginalized genders, such as but not limited to non-binary people, trans people, and women in tech, with a focus on helping their community become active participants and leaders in the Python open-source community. Founded in 2011 during PyCon, PyLadies was a response to the lack of representation and diversity within the Python community.

Their mission is to promote, educate and advance a diverse Python community through outreach, education, conferences, events and social gatherings.

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5. WeAreDevelopers Community

WeAreDevelopers is a leading community for developers in Europe. Their mission is to provide developers with the things they need and love. They inspire, entertain, motivate, and educate developers. They give developers a voice and connect them with each other.
Once a year they host the largest developer congress in Berlin.

The WeAreDevelopers World Congress brings together world-leading technology companies with the global developer community and brings international tech leaders on stage. With nearly 10,000 visitors, over 250 renowned speakers, 50 different session formats, and an amazing variety of topics from languages, platforms, tools, and frameworks to quantum computing, gaming, and data science.

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Geek Carrot Germany

6. Geek Girls Carrots Germany

Geek Girls Carrots is a global grassroots organisation focused on attracting women to tech. They create community by organising meetups, workshops, and other events which gather people to share their knowledge and experience.

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Female founders Meetup berlin

7.Female Co-Founders
Members: 2,155

Female Co-Founders is committed to more women in the startup ecosystem. Their focus: More female co-founders in founding teams.

They are a community for everyone who is looking for female co-founders to start their own startup or project, or women who want to start their own business but don’t yet have an idea of ​​their own. They rely on events such as their Female Co-Founders Pitch Night and their strong online community, which is at home on various platforms.

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8.Google Developers Group Berlin (GDG Berlin)

Google Developer Group (GDG) Berlin is an open group of people who use technologies & software developed by Google.

It is composed of 2 sub-groups: GDG Berlin and Women Techmakers Berlin
GDG Berlin aims to meet every 1 to 2 months at different locations. Women Techmakers Berlin meets every week for study groups and panel discussions.

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women who go meetup berlin

9. Women Who Go Berlin

Go (also known as Golang) is a great programming language to learn and develop in. This group built this meetup to offer a better entry point to women who are interested in Go. They also want to provide a space for networking, learning and finding mentors. This group brings people together so they can continue to grow in Go.

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Why not sign up for the Xena Community while you are at it?

open tech school berlin
10. OpenTechSchool Berlin

OpenTechSchool is a community initiative offering free programming workshops and meetups to technology enthusiasts of all genders, backgrounds, and experience levels. It supports volunteer coaches in setting up events by taking care of the organisational details, encouraging coaches to create original teaching material. This material is then openly shared online and can be further developed by contributions from the global OTS community.

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