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13 Booming Tech Companies Hiring Right Now

Companies on the up, with no signs of slowing down!

2022, what a year it was. The tech industry was in full bloom and quick expansion to meet the needs of users who were becoming totally dependent on technology during and after COVID-19.

However, after most booms then comes a bust. In this case, the last quarter of 2022 led to having to confront revenue loss and massive layoffs. To add some numbers to what we’re saying, according to Layoffs.fyi (an online tracker that keeps tabs on job losses in the tech sector) 152,542 employees from 993 global tech companies were laid off in 2022. Ouch.

While it might feel like all hope is lost, Xena is here to remind you that it’s not the case. Actually, we have some good news for you – especially if you’re a woman in tech.

So, what can we predict for 2023?

While some industries are facing record-breaking hardship, others are growing faster than ever! We must be aware that a wave of uncertainty is heading everyone’s way but a consistent lifesaver will be the need for diversity– it is so strong that nothing will wash it away.

Not only do companies have a corporate social responsibility, but internal initiatives are often in place to ensure more women, ethnic minorities and underrepresented people have a place secured in the workforce.

At Xena, we are proud to be partnering with businesses that are committed to their D&I goals and to the progression of women in tech. Take a look at who we are teaming up with to close the gender gap in tech. And yes, in case you were wondering, these companies are hiring so let us help you find your dream job. What are you waiting for?

1.Hadrian | Cybersecurity
This company is committed to applying its core values of autonomy, boldness, community, and openness and has made these important from an early stage of the company. D&I is a regular topic in all-hands meetings and they’re hiring more women in leadership positions. By partnering with Xena they will further build out their D&I strategies.

Find Backend opportunities at Hadrian with Maria.

2. Just Eat Takeaway | FoodTech
This company cares passionately about D&I and has a wide variety of communities and networks to connect diverse team members. These communities include Women in Tech, LGBTQ+, BIPOC, BAME, Neurodiversity, and parents and carers. They believe that the diversity of their people is a strength and have employees from over 100 nationalities. They value the perspectives and insights that diverse experiences can bring and are committed to ensuring that team members from all backgrounds feel as though they belong.

Get yourself a seat on the Just Eat team as their next Mobile Engineer or Engineering Manager with Megan.

N26 x Xena Women In tech

3.N26 | FinTech

N26’s goal is to make both the user and employee experience inclusive of all backgrounds, cultures, ages, gender, sexual orientations, religions, abilities, and experiences. They are launching a ‘Women in Leadership’ course this year and hired a Director of DEI who will have a focus on women-oriented projects and more Womxn in Tech days.

Discover Engineering Manager opportunities at N26 with Lauren.

4. Babbel | EdTech
Their motto is “diversity is our strength”. Through weekly diversity discussions called ‘Stranger Talks, Community of Practice groups like the Femgineers, and regular social events – Babbel encourage all to bring, share and celebrate their stories regardless of their background, race, and gender – everyone is welcomed.

Learn more about Backend roles available at Babbel with Roberto.

5. Hyphen |  Edtech / L+D
Although in its early stage, this company already has a very diverse founding team. They have a lot of opportunities for progression in place, as well as a strong L&D internal proposition, and provide flexible working arrangements. You’ll have a significant impact on shaping the Engineering culture and also the company’s values.

Contact Roberto to learn more about Fullstack roles at Hyphen.

CitizenM hiring in tech

6. CitizenM | Travel
This business cares for the well-being of all employees. There are regular discussion meetings for diversity, inclusion, unconscious biases, career growth, and power of speech for women. CitizenM also provides an employee assistance program assisting with life, legal, financial, and medical concerns. Additionally, they founded a charity movement that focuses on giving back to our planet, people, and communities. Truly people and equality-focused, a great space to belong!

Reach out to Maria to if you’d like to be the next Solutions Architect Data at CitizenM.

7. Prima | Insurtech
With an established diverse team from many underrepresented groups, they have a personalised approach towards development and design growth opportunities per person instead of a “one size fits all” mentality which eases the retention of diverse teams.

Learn more about Engineering Manager roles available at Prima with Lauren.

8. Slab | SaaS
They are on a mission to make the workplace a source of learning and purpose through knowledge-sharing. They recognise talent and potential in people of diverse backgrounds and cultures. They welcome people of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. With a remote-first culture that provides flexibility for all. Slab encourages and nurtures open exchanges of knowledge and ideas — while acting with respect and regard for each other.

Discover available Frontend and Backend roles at Slab with Roberto.

Eyeo hiring women in tech

9. Eyeo | Adblocking + Data Protection
With a remote-first culture that provides flexibility for all, and with many parents on the team, there is an ingrained empathy toward balancing childcare and working. Additionally, there is flexible parental leave, as well as a monthly childcare allowance. With an established diverse team from 45+ nationalities and many underrepresented groups, their attitude towards development and design growth opportunities is catered to each individual.

Have a chat with Lauren if you’f like to become their next Lead Engineer here.

Overstory hiring in tech

10. Overstory | Saas + Climatech
They value respect and transparency, and approach challenges with curiosity. Overstory believes that one of its biggest strengths is their diversity of experience, so they work hard to maintain a culture of inclusivity where everyone is heard and valued.

Ready to learn more about Geospatial Data at Overstory? Reach out to Maria.

Alpakas hiring in tech

11. Alpakas | Foodtech
With the goal of making groceries sustainable, Alpakas believes in implementing diversity and inclusion policies from an early stage. Their international teams already have many women on board, including on the management team.

Find your next Fullstack role at Alpakas with Roberto.

Taktile hiring in tech

12. Taktile | Fintech
For them, it’s all about the people.Taktile cares about its culture and employees more than anything else and wants to make sure that each of them has the most impactful, rewarding, and memorable work experience with them, every single day. They take a listen-first approach and try to empower their employees to focus their lives on what really matters to them.

If you’re curious about being a Backend Engineer at Taktile, Maria will be able to tell you more about them.

Bitly hiring in tech

13. Bitly | Media + Marketing
They are proud to be Certified by Great Place to Work®, the global authority on workplace culture and employee experience proven to deliver market-leading revenue, employee retention, and increased innovation. Bitly believes that everyone should have a sense of belonging and established 5 Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) which are dedicated to creating connections through a culture of inclusion, allyship, responsibility, and learning. They offer career growth support by helping you keep your skills up-to-date and prepare you for any challenges within your career development.

Want to learn more about Fullstack openings at Bitly? Have a chat with Roberto.

Let’s work together.

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