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Berlin's Series B Startups to Watch in 2024

Introducing 5 Startups Destined to Become Market Leaders 

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Scroll down for this year’s selection of Series B startups to watch in Berlin.

The city’s vibrant startup scene continues to thrive, with numerous companies making significant strides in various industries. Among them, a select group of Series B startups stands out, showcasing remarkable growth, cutting-edge technology, and innovative solutions.

In 2023 alone, Berlin-based startups attracted over €4 billion in funding, solidifying the city’s position as a key player in the European tech landscape.

Notably, many of these startups embrace diverse teams, recognising that diverse perspectives lead to more inclusive and comprehensive solutions.


Founded: 2018

Founders: Thomas von der Ohe, Bogdan Djukic & Fabrizio Ugo Scelsi

# Employees: 154

Total funding: €98.7m

Vay is the first company to drive a car without a person inside on public streets in Europe and the US, enabled by teledriving (e.g. remote driving) technology. Vay aims to launch a sustainable, affordable, door-to-door mobility service with remotely driven (“teledriven”) cars: Teledrivers bring an electric car to the customer and pick it up after the journey is completed, eliminating the time-consuming search for a parking spot for the customer. While in the car, the customers drive themselves.

The European Innovation Council (EIC) Scaling Club has unveiled its selection of 48 firms to join its first cohort of deep tech startups. As one of the selected companies, Vay will join a select cohort of companies to engage with investors, corporate innovators, mentors, media firms and other industry stakeholders. 


Founded: 2018

Founders: Malte Kosub & Stefan Ostwald

# Employees: 250

Total funding: US$ 65.9M

Parloa is a leading AI company for the automation of customer service. Parloa’s platform unites humans and AI in one team to take companies’ service quality to a new level through AI-based customer service, natural-sounding conversations, and outstanding service experiences on the phone and all communication channels. The Parloa platform resolves the majority of customer queries quickly and automatically, allowing contact centre agents to focus on complex issues.


Founded: 2016

Founder: Soren Bramer Schmidt

# Employees: 133

Total funding: €51.4m

Prisma is a remote-first software development company, with team members across the globe. They simplify building data-rich applications by providing developer-focused products that help Build, Fortify and Grow apps. Build your application, fortify to make everything run smoothly, and grow with your users and requirements.


Founded: 2020

Founders: Karim Zaghloul, Felix Steffens & Carsten Lebtig

# Employees: 214

Total funding: €58.7m

WorkMotion is a global HR platform enabling companies to hire and onboard their employees internationally, at the push of a button. They take care of all talent onboarding requirements, including employment regulations and end-to-end payroll management. Their mission is to create opportunities for anyone to work from anywhere. You can hire in 160+ countries through their Employer of Record (EOR) solution.


Founded: 2018

Founder: Tom Krüger

# Employees: 140

Total funding: €69.5m

Their vision is to make automotive wholesale frictionless across Europe. They have developed an innovative marketplace to connect buyers and sellers. They are ambitious, digital, and reliable, committed to providing their customers with the easiest, most profitable, and personal solutions. They set new standards in the remarketing of used cars.

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