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Embracing DE&I: Meet Berlin's Trailblazing Leaders

Introducing 7 Fierce DE&I Leaders In Berlin You Must Follow

From fostering inclusivity to embracing differences, these 7 individuals have created a ripple effect and are inspiring others to join the movement and challenge the status quo.

Berlin is filled with committed DE&I activists but today in particular we would like to celebrate a few that are advocating for change AND actively shaping the landscape of this dynamic city and industry. It goes without saying, we are truly grateful for your work and impact. Cheers to you all!

Sandra Subel

Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion Strategy @ Axel Springer SE

Sandra thrives in leading organisations and people who tackle complex problems, especially in areas that need exploration, a bias for action, and winning others over. Over the past 15 years, she has worked across five industries with organizations of all sizes and stakeholders of all levels and has collaborated with talented leaders and experts from a top-tier management consulting company and the largest European media house.

“My belief in the power of sharing and supporting each other motivates me to contribute by posting insights on my LinkedIn profile. It’s rewarding enough if my observations help only one person. More often, however, the feedback I receive allows me to keep learning and broadening my perspective.” -Sandra Subel

Gazelle Vollhase

Recruiting & D&I Partner @ idealo

Gazelle is a D&I Advocate, Content Creator and Speaker. She is happy to discuss anything related to trans- and queer-friendly work environments, (gender) inclusive language and inclusive hiring.

Discover Gazelle’s insights such as: 5 Reasons in 5 Minutes – why you will be Out of Business in 5 Years (if you don’t care for GenZ).

Sarah Cordivano

Head of D&I Strategy & Governance for Talent and Leadership @ Zalando

Sarah has been working in the field of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, with a focus on implementing successful DEI strategies and developing initiatives to create more inclusive workplaces. She is an Author and speaker on impactful and data-driven Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Sarah is Xena’s D&I Leader Tech Award Winner 2023, get to know more about her journey here.

Nichelle A.

With 15 years of experience working with global organizations, Nichelle positively impacts people programs and cultures by challenging the status quo and driving excellence. Her experience includes providing consultative support to executive leaders and collaborating with stakeholders to improve programs. She has led and supported programs in executive compensation, job architecture design and implementation, benefits, global mobility, performance management, Talent Acquisition, and Diversity & Inclusion. Nichelle believes in re-imagining work by creating accessible, transparent, and value-driven programs supporting a healthy, high-performing culture.

Learn more about Nichelle’s thoughts on workplace culture here.

“I firmly believe that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is Dignity work, and I am excited to see so many advocates moving the needle to create healthier workplace cultures through DEI.” – Nichelle Appleby

Charmilla Kasper

Charmilla Kasper

Principal Organisational Development, Learning Innovation and Culture @ Babbel

Charmilla grew up in New Zealand and is heavily influenced by her Pacific culture – therefore people and community are motivating influences for her. In 2022, Charmilla joined Babble and has been working on organisational development leading and supporting a range of initiatives from leadership development to organisational change and creating a culture of feedback.

Charmilla was a speaker for our past Meetup Toddler, Timing and Taboo Topics, get your insights here.


Jessica Gedamu

VP Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion @ Springer Nature Group

Jessica joined Springer Nature in 2018 to drive diversity, equity and inclusion within the organisation and since then she has built great communities internally, implemented initiatives to track inclusion and diversity, developed training to raise awareness and build skills around DEI, and taken measures to increase belonging for marginalized groups.

Along with her colleagues Sowmya Swaminathan and Thea Sherer , Jessica published insights on the measures in this article.

Amber Carr

Senior Business Recruiter @ Tibber

Amber is an experienced Recruitment Consultant and DEI Advocate. Since moving to Berlin, she has been helping tech companies to diversify their teams and implement inclusive hiring best practices. She has helped host and facilitate internal and external events and discussions with other DEI and HR professionals here in Europe.

”With the current 2023 economic downturn now more than ever I feel it is important for the DEI community to collaborate and share insights and successes on how we are managing to successfully prioritise DEI within our organisations.”

Take a look at Amber’s blogs on: Inclusion through TechnologyTaking Action: How to Build and Maintain a Supportive and Inclusive Culture

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