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DE&I Stars in London FinTech

These 5 Fintech companies in London are a match made in heaven for Women in Tech

Looking to make your mark in the world of Fintech? 

London’s fintech scene is booming, but where are the best opportunities for women in tech? As the fintech industry continues to grow and disrupt traditional finance, DEI  is taking over some companies.  Explore which Fintech companies that are making strides towards a more inclusive industry:

Starling Bank

Is a digital bank that provides a range of services, including current accounts, savings accounts, and loans. They have a strong focus on using technology to make banking more accessible and customer-friendly. Starling Bank was founded by Anne Boden and is the only bank in British history that’s been founded by a woman. 40% of their leadership team are women – as are 43% of their overall team.


Nutmeg uses technology to create personalized investment portfolios for its clients, and the company has been growing rapidly in recent years. They are a diverse team of fun, genuine, smart people with a common mission to shake up financial services and change the way people manage their money in an intelligent easy way. They encourage Nutmeggers through growth opportunities, always listening to their ideas and treating everyone equally. They reward their people with great benefits, flexible working, career advancement opportunities and competitive salaries.

Revolut bank cards


Is a digital bank that offers a range of services, including current accounts, savings accounts, and investments. Their mission is to relentlessly make all things money 10x easier, more useful and more rewarding for everyone, every day. To achieve this, they know that their workforce must be representative of their diverse customer base. They have a commitment to diversity and inclusion, including a Women’s Network that hosts events and workshops to support women in the company.


Checkout.com is a payment processing company that provides payment solutions for businesses of all sizes. They have a commitment to diversity and inclusion, including a diversity and inclusion committee and publishing diversity statistics. They are curating a culture where they amplify and strengthen each other’s voices – a space where diversity, community impact, transparency and collaboration are expected and celebrated.


Is another digital bank that has quickly become popular in the UK. Like Starling Bank, Monzo uses technology to make banking more user-friendly and accessible. Monzo has also taken steps to address diversity and inclusion, including publishing diversity statistics and establishing a diversity and inclusion council. They believe diverse teams make better decisions, build better products and provide better service and are committed to promoting an inclusive and empowering working environment to support each and every team member so that everyone can have a sense of belonging at Monzo.

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