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From Algorithms to Ambition:

Meet the Women Shaping the Future of AI in Europe

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Why are AI and Women in Tech the perfect power duo?

The short answer: the fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.

But if we were to elaborate, when women actively participate in AI research and development, the technology becomes more inclusive and reflective of diverse experiences. Their contributions not only drive advancements in AI but also ensure that its benefits are accessible to all.

We are thrilled to see diversity pushing technological boundaries and driving change. Meet 7 experts shaping the AI landscape:

Meike Zehlike

Senior Applied Scientist for Responsible AI @ Zalando

Meike is a senior applied scientist at Zalando Research and a self-employed AI consultant specialising in trustworthy machine learning and ethical AI. Her work revolves around fairness and discrimination in rankings, search, and two-sided markets. She is dedicated to developing new methods that incorporate different aspects of justice into search algorithms. Recently, she has been immersing herself in the field of algorithmic fairness for social networks.

Gráinne McKnight

Founding Data Science Lead @ Spoke.ai

Gráinne is a Data Science Lead based in Berlin. With several years of experience as a data scientist and lead in fintech, she has focused on developing data products. Her projects have included building a customer service chatbot, implementing a geolocation service, and creating models for money laundering and fraud detection. Currently, she is engaged in exciting new NLP initiatives at Spok.

Dr.-Ing. Susan Wegner

Head of Global Data and AI @ Allianz

With a focus on artificial intelligence and data analytics, Susan has more than 15 years of experience, particularly in the areas of data, artificial intelligence and platform/software design, including at Lufthansa Industry Solutions, Deutsche Telekom, Robert Bosch. In addition, she held various positions at Motionlogic, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom: founder, CEO, chairwoman and member of the advisory board. She was a board member of the Bitkom Big Data Group, a member of the European Commission’s expert group for data exchange between business and government (B2G), a member of the executive committee of the Quantum Technology & Application Consortium (Quatac) and a jury member and member of the expert council for e.g. the European Data Science AI Awards, Vision Awards.

Celine Xu

Lead Data Scientist @ H&M Group

Celine is a Digital Transformation Specialist and Data Scientist who specialises in the fashion, retail, and banking industries. She firmly believes in the power of combining big data, which includes integrated historical and ongoing behavioral records in databases or on the web, with small data, such as questionnaire and psychology data analyzed through subtext mining. This integration of data allows for the generation of practical insights that shape decisions and help achieve quantifiable business objectives.

Dr. Larysa Visengeriyeva 

Head of Data and AI @ INNOQ

Dr. Larysa Visengeriyeva received her doctorate in Augmented Data Quality Management at TU Berlin. She is a technology consultant supporting INNOQ customers with their technology transformation. She focuses on Machine Learning Operations (MLOps), Data Architectures like Data Mesh, and Domain-Driven Design. Larysa initiated the Women+ in Data and AI Summer Festival 2023 and organized the Ukrainian chapter of Women in Machine Learning and Data Science.

Dr. Alessandra Sala

Sr. Director of AI and Data Science @ Shutterstock

Alessandra has over 10 years’ experience in research and innovation gained whilst working in academic and commercial environments. Alessandra is passionate in advanced analytics, machine learning, and computational models with the focus of transferring innovation from research to products.

As Global President of Women in AI (a nonprofit do-tank working towards gender-inclusive AI that benefits global society), Alessandra is working with a strong community of women to foster diversity, inclusion and equality for women and minorities while encouraging a global ethical approach in AI.

Anna Kostikova

Director Data Science and Machine Learning @ Novartis

Anna is an innovative data science leader with a strong drive to deliver results at the crossroads of machine learning, life sciences, and the biotech/pharma sectors. With a passion for leveraging data, she has demonstrated expertise in building and leading high-performing data science teams. She excels in establishing data-driven strategies and executing them effectively, leading to success in drug discovery, pre-clinical, and early clinical drug development. Her specialisation lies in utilizing data-driven approaches and precision medicine tools to mitigate project risks.

We hire women in Engineering and Product for companies who are serious about closing the gender gap on their tech team. Work with us and gain access to our gender-diverse talent pool including Senior Engineering, Product and Leadership talent.

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