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Allies in Tech: 5 Inspiring Leaders in Berlin

Meet the driving forces behind organisational transformation

In the ever-evolving landscape of the tech industry, the importance of allies in promoting diversity and inclusion cannot be overstated.

We are proud to introduce 5 forward-thinkers promoting inclusivity and standing as allies for marginalised communities

Mark Ivan Serunjogi

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager – Europe @ Bitly

Mark Ivan is a specialist in DEI branding and change management, exploring how management processes affect organizational cultures and employee attraction value and retention power. His point of departure is that an authentic employer brand is built from employee experiences and that an attractive workplace is inclusive at worst and equitable at best.

“A “great” workplace and culture is inclusive at its core. If not, then who is the workplace actually “great” for in practice? Do you just throw these words around or do you design your services to cater to a diverse range of people?” – Mark Ivan

Henrique Zanin

Henrique is a People and Culture leader, lawyer and researcher with a background in people development, social inclusion, cultural awareness, human rights, compliance, and labour law. He was the Head of Culture & Inclusion at Wayfair Europe & Asia, where he led strategic HR projects and teams on DEI, Culture, L&D, CSR, compliance and overall leadership and employee engagement in Europe and Asia. He is also a mentor of the Gender Equality Programme of the United Nations.

“Talent in the tech industry will hold companies accountable for their recent (and poor) people-related decisions. Those that also prioritised employee inclusion and wellbeing and not only profits will soon become the employers of choice for a very diverse and thriving group of candidates.” –Henrique

Julien Slijan

Director of Product – DX Sustainability and D&I @ Zalando

Julien is a product-driven leader with 15+ years of experience specializing in product innovation, strategy and development with a strong focus on user experience. He has worked on building products from scratch with/for many high-profile technology-driven companies.

He is passionate about technology trends and building products & high-performing teams that anticipate the needs of tomorrow.

Bruno Rafael Fonseca

Senior Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Specialist @ Delivery Hero

Bruno is an accomplished communications professional who excels in developing and executing comprehensive internal communication strategies. He joined Delivery Hero in 2021 and since then worked in Corporate Communications, People Systems and most recently as

“It’s a privilege to work on DE&I. Apart from doing a job that allows you to have a tangible impact on your community, You get to learn and partner with every area of the business, from people and culture functions to tech. Most of the work is to inspire people and build partnerships to advocate for underrepresented groups and enable them to commit to and promote sustainable systematic change. I absolutely love this work & industry!” – Bruno Rafael

Haris Karakonstantakis

People Analytics & Research Specialist @ Zalando

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