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Retaining Women in Technology: A Guide by Sheree Atcheson

Sheree Atcheson, multi award-winning Diversity and Inclusion Executive and author of “Demanding More” shares insights and practical advice on how companies can retain the women on their team.

Let us guess. You’ve just read our guide on how to attract women in tech, and now you want to learn more? Well, you’ve come to the right place, so get ready for part two; How To Retain Women In Tech according to Sheree Atcheson. Now you know how to attract women but the key part here is, how do you actually create a culture where the women in your business will stay?

Sit back and relax, because we’ve got you covered. We asked Sheree to give us all the tips and tricks of the trade to taking that step towards organisational transformation.

Part two includes expert insights into what to audit, analyse and implement in your organisation. Not only that, we’ll tell you how you can help women climb the career ladder and how you can use allyship to close the gender gap in tech.

But remember, “Diversity is not a singular marker of inclusion. Representation is not a singular marker of inclusion. Having women in your business does not mean you have an inclusive environment, it means that you have gender diversity representation. You need to separate these two factors.” – Sheree

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