Inclusive Investment & Funding Track three

Meet visionaries, investors, and entrepreneurs to discuss the crucial need for inclusive investment practices, empowering underrepresented voices and bridging the gap in funding opportunities. Both VCs and founders will be sharing their perspectives on the status quo and how can we change it.


Valérie Bures-Bönström

Partner at XAnge

Carla Schell

Head of Platform at Auxxo

Julian Riedlbauer

Partner, M&A & Growth Equity Fundraising Advisory at Drake Star

Alina Bassi

Investment Manager at Ananda Impact Ventures

Melina Sanchez

Principal and VP of Impact at AENU

Patricia Russ

Founder & CEO at ParkEnd Ventures

Anna Ott

VP People at HV Capital

Pauline Paquet

Head of Startup Success at XAnge

More Speakers

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