Product Development & Beyond Track two

A deep dive into the product world where seasoned product managers, industry experts, and forward-thinking professionals will explore the frontiers of product management and its far-reaching impact. With a diverse range of perspectives, discover how product management principles can transcend traditional boundaries with diversity at its core.

Photograph of Catherine Bassett, a Xena Summit Speaker 2024

Catherine Bassett

VP of Software Product at zolar

Sarah Wachs

Director at Women Who Code, Berlin

Viktoria Korzhova, PhD

VP at Product People

Rohit Agarwal

Chief Product and Revenue Officer at SoundCloud

Zahra Beigi

Senior Product Designer at SAP

Rhiannon White

Chief Product Officer at Clue

Chiedza Muguti

Product Leader, Mentor & Coach

Armin Krahl

VP Product at thermondo

Rosemary Hitchcock

Director of Engineering at Bumble Inc

Katia Cassano

Vice President of Product at Scoutbee

Kateryna Martynova

Head of Research at Preply

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