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Driving Innovation: Exploring Berlin's Climate Tech Space

Calling all Women in Tech that want to make positive impact on the environment

It’s no surprise that Berlin is positioning itself as a frontrunner in the global fight against climate change.

From renewable energy and energy storage solutions to sustainable transportation and circular economy initiatives, Berlin hosts a diverse range of Climate Tech startups.

But first things first, what is Climate Tech? It is defined as technologies that are explicitly focused on reducing GHG (Greenhouse gas) emissions or addressing the impact of global warming. Such as mitigating or removing emissions, finding ways to adapt ourselves to climate change or providing an understanding of the climate overall.

Get ready to discover innovative solutions, technologies and companies that you’ll want to work with.


Founded: 2009
Type: Search Engine

Ecosia is a search engine with a mission to combat deforestation and promote reforestation efforts worldwide. Ecosia uses its ad revenue to finance tree-planting projects, allowing users to contribute to environmental conservation simply by searching the web.


Founded: 2016
Type: Renewable Energy

ZOLAR is a company that specializes in providing solar energy solutions for residential homes. Their platform enables homeowners to easily design, purchase, and install solar panels, making clean energy accessible and affordable.


Founded: 2017
Type: SaaS for Carbon Emissions

PlanA.Earth is a sustainability software company that helps businesses track, manage, and reduce their carbon emissions. Their platform offers comprehensive data analysis, goal setting, and reporting tools to support organizations in their sustainability journey.


Founded: 2013
Type: SaaS for Green Utilities

Lumenaza develops software solutions that enable the decentralized and efficient distribution of renewable energy. Their platform facilitates the integration of local renewable energy sources into existing energy grids, fostering a more sustainable and resilient energy system.


Founded: 2020
Type: Automated Carbon Software

Vaayu is the world’s first automated carbon software for retailers to measure, monitor and reduce their carbon footprint in real-time. Vaayu’s carbon modeling engine uses machine learning to simplify and automate carbon calculations for businesses. By applying the best conversion factors they provide you with the most accurate calculation possible


Founded: 2020
Type: SaaS for Carbon Accounting

Planetly is part of the OneTrust ESG & Sustainability Cloud. They assist businesses in measuring, reducing, and offsetting their carbon footprint and empower them to track and manage their emissions, supporting their journey towards a more sustainable future. Planetly provides comprehensive carbon accounting and sustainability tools to help organisations make informed decisions and take meaningful climate action.

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