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Product Salaries in Berlin, 2023

A comprehensive breakdown of earning potential for Product Managers in Berlin

If you’re thinking about moving to Berlin, you’ll want to know what it means for your career. Berlin’s tech and digital industries have undergone rapid growth over the last two years which puts expat

job seekers in a good position. The city is said to birth a new startup every 14 hours and larger names including many of the country’s Fortune 500 brands have chosen to set up their HQs in the city. Berlin is rich in culture, has a relatively good cost of living and it’s tech scene is becoming more international as top talent begin to migrate from all over the globe. Download our Expat Guide for relocation to Berlin.

Our comprehensive breakdown of Frontend and Backend roles and their earning potential. Berlin’s software Engineers are some of the best paid in Europe. Years of experience have an impact on salary, as well as automation-, process-, framework and functional skills. Company size, industry and funding rounds will also play a role in earning potential.


How to use this guide

Tax Class I –  applies to all unmarried, widowed, divorced, or permanently separated employees.

Tax Class III – is limited to married couples with both partners living in Germany.


Experience Levels

Junior: 1-2 years experience

Mid-level: 2-5 years experience

Senior: 5+ years experience

Product Salaries in Berlin ↓ Tax Class I

Product Salaries Berlin 2023

Product Salaries in Berlin ↓ Tax Class III

Salary Guide Berlin Tech Product


We used salaries specified by hiring companies during the interview process with Xena as our key data source.

We removed interview invites sent with missing information (like position title or company location) in order to ensure that the data can be compared consistently. We also removed salaries that were unusually low or high to get rid of any extreme outliers. You can also check out the tool we used for German wage calculations and tax brackets.

We hope you have a better idea of what to expect in regards to Product salaries in Germany. For more reports, videos, interviews and insights, read more of our Xena Resources below. 👇

Considering the move? Speak to one of our Xena Recruitment Consultants to find out about job opportunities in Berlin!

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