Recruiter Tip:
How to nail your cover letter?

There is no one-size-fits-all cover letter template for every position you apply for in tech. However, our recruiters have put together a quick guide on how to write one. Take a look at our checklist on how to nail your next cover letter:
➔ Ideal length: 250–400 words (3–4 paragraphs).

➔ Introduce yourself and highlight 2-3 relevant skills. Use keywords from the job description.

➔ Use numbers, stats, action verbs to describe your experience and link it to the job description.

➔ Show how you’re a culture fit and prove you’ve done research on the company.

➔ End with a ‘call to action’ that invites the hiring manager to meet or follow up with you.

Cover letters will help you stand out by adding a personalised layer to your application and CV. Always bear in mind:


➔Use fewer words to say more.

➔Always tailor your cover letter to each job application.

➔Expand on your CV, but don’t repeat it.

➔Always proofread.

➔ Filename: “yourname-coverletter.pdf”.


➔ Don’t overshare.

➔ Don’t make demands.

➔ Don’t brag or exaggerate your achievements.

➔ Avoid using too much jargon, abbreviations, clichéd or overused phrases.

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