Recruiter Tip:
Work that Network

Building a network can be exhausting, don’t know where to start? Before we get started on our tips, here’s what you need to prepare:
➔ Have a clear objective of what you want to achieve: new leads, contacts, or insights?
➔ Get ready for small talk. When in doubt, talk about the weather.
➔ Always follow up on initial contact but be mindful to not Spam.
➔ Be patient. Don’t get discouraged if someone doesn’t respond quickly.


Take a look at our recruiter’s top 3 ways to network:

1. Offline
Keep an eye on websites such as Linkedin, Eventbrite and Meetup to find:

– Job Fairs

– Conferences

– Workshops

– Alumni groups

– Cultural Events

– Volunteering


2. Linkedin Messages
Make use of the most popular professional networking platform:

– Introduction: Keep it short and simple.

– Write 2-3 sentences explaining why you two should connect and an invite to chat further.

– InMails: these are more effective as you add a title (in bold).


3. Slack communities

– Create new connections, grow partnerships, exchange experiences and expertise.

– Make sure to be part of the conversation and participate regularly.

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