Recruiter Tip:
What makes a good Linkedin profile?

There’s no secret recipe but there are tricks to making your Linkedin profile stand out! Our recruiters have shared a checklist on what to include and how to type your way to success! Go through the list and add the points, is it a 10/10?
What to include?
➔ Fill out all of your sections (+1)
➔ Add skills, experiences and follow some companies in your field (+1)
➔Add keywords* beside your name, job and headline section so that your profile is up to date, relevant and discoverable (+1)
* A keyword is any descriptor related to a job position, may that be industry lingo or experienced-based jargon

So, what makes a good Linkedin profile good?

➔ Headline: have a title reflecting what you are doing (or want to be doing). (+1)

URL: customise it, make it easier to share and look more professional. (+1)

Profile Picture: use a professional and friendly looking photo (+1)

Banner: use an image that is related to your field, location or current company (+1)


Get ready to type your way to success:

➔ About section: between 80-100 words max, a summary of your expertise and your current goals. (+1)

Work experience section: write 3-5 bullet points about: your role, responsibilities, main projects and any relevant achievements (+1)

Post regularly: connect with your network by commenting, liking or uploading content. (+1)

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