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4 Tech Companies Connecting Tech, Health and Lifestyle

Meet The Female Founders Showing Us How It’s Done

New York City has more than 410,000 women-owned businesses.

That’s more than double any other U.S. city.

In a world where it seems a missed opportunity to not have diverse teams – we now see diverse founders taking matters into their own hands and building teams that reflect our society.

Allow us to introduce 4 companies that are here to enhance your life quality. Technology has permeated every other aspect of life, so why not this?

Stephanie Liu

Co-founder at Nourish

A primary contributor to chronic illness and avoidable fatalities is identified as poor dietary habits. Individuals face challenges in maintaining a nutritious diet, while healthcare expenses soar. Nourish aims to address these concerns. The mission of Nourish is to facilitate improved health and longevity for all, fostering greater happiness in life.

Nourish connects you with a registered dietitian via telehealth and makes it easy to pay using your health insurance.

Arianna Huffington

Founder and CEO at Thrive Global

Thrive Global on a mission to redefine productivity through well-being.  They have built the first-ever product suite to diagnose burnout before it takes hold, with science-backed solutions that help your people take action.

Thrive embeds well-being directly in the daily workflow to meet your people where they are with real-time stress-reducing tools, inspirational storytelling, and science-backed Microsteps that help them build better habits.

Caryn Seidman Becker

Chair & CEO at CLEAR

CLEAR is an identity company that powers effortless experiences wherever you go. With more than 15 million members and a growing network of partners across the world, CLEAR’s identity platform is transforming the way people live, work, and travel.

Whether you are travelling, at the stadium, or on your phone, CLEAR connects you to the things that make you, you – making everyday experiences easier, more secure, and friction-free.

Payal Kadakia Pujji

CEO & Co-Founder at ClassPass

ClassPass is revolutionising the fitness and wellness industry by bringing together the world’s best classes and experiences into one app. Their mission? To motivate people to live inspired lives every day by introducing and seamlessly connecting them to soul-nurturing experiences.

Users choose ClassPass because of the freedom it affords them to take classes anywhere.

Tech-powered lifestyle upgrades are like turbo boosts for your well-being journey, custom-fitted to suit your unique lifestyle.

And when it comes to crafting these services, diverse teams bring the spice that makes every wellness solution pop, ensuring inclusivity and effectiveness across the board.

Need help diversifying these tech teams? We have insights for you here.


We all want the same thing: more diversity in tech. Let’s make that happen, learn more below ↓

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