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Calling All Career-Changers! Our BootCamp Will Teach You How To Break Into Tech

And actually get a job ➔

The tech industry is a land of opportunity for everyone. Yes, that’s right. That mean’s you too. Stereotypical attitudes towards women in tech are becoming less frequent. But that won’t stop us from addressing massive gender inequalities in the tech world. Xena and ReDI School of Digital Integration’s Python and Data Analytics Bootcamp creates pathways into tech for women from a forced migration background. Thanks to our partners like HelloFresh we can make our mission a reality, and close the gender gap in tech. 

Since becoming HelloFresh’s diversity and inclusion hiring partner we have raised a whopping €28,125 to invest in our bootcamp with ReDI School and help women get their foot in the tech door. To celebrate the completion of our 10-week course, we hosted a Python & Data Analytics workshop at HelloFresh’s HQ in Berlin. This event allowed our students to meet the Data Team at HelloFresh, explore the challenges of breaking into the industry, and learn about what it’s like to work in a real tech environment. Feeling inspired? Check out more information about our event below… 

Introduction to the Women In Tech Program by Alina Floroiu, Digital Women Program Manager at ReDI School 

Our bootcamp wouldn‘t exist without the incredible work ReDI School offer. Alina kicked off the event with an introduction to our bootcamp. So what do the students learn on the course? We thought you’d never ask. They learn…

➔ How to analyse data with Python and SQL

➔ How to build a dashboard and present data findings

➔ How to visualise conclusions

➔ How to get one step closer to becoming a Data Analyst (and this is where Xena comes in)

Tips from Data Recruiter, Valeria Preda at HelloFresh

There’s no shortage of online courses and bootcamps that will teach you how to code. The hard part? Breaking into the industry and getting your first job. Our next speaker gave our students some useful tips and tricks on what she looks for when reviewing CV’s at HelloFresh. Here’s Valeria’s top 5: 

 1. Update your CV (keep it short and relevant) 

 2. Do your homework (prepare on the company/role)

 3. Practice the STAR method and take your time – the oldest trick in the interviewing book but once you start formatting your answers into “situation, task, action,  and result” you won’t look back 

 4. Show curiosity and ask questions 

 5. Be yourself! 

What Data means at HelloFresh by Romain Thibault, Associate Director – Data Engineering

So now you know how to code and how to get the job. Now all you need to know is what working in Data means for a company like HelloFresh. HelloFresh think about Data in four strategic pillars including: 

1. Governance 

2. Technology 

3. People 

4. Enablement 

The combination of these four pillars is what sets the Data team at HelloFresh apart. No two projects are the same and your career pathway will be one of discovery, insights and innovation. Where can we sign up?

One Junior Data Position Opening By Gabriel Brigrante, DE&I Manager at HelloFresh 

HelloFresh continually show their support for the progression of women in technology. The event was closed by DE&I Manager Gabriel who introduced the Women In Tech Scholarship for 2022. Meaning one lucky student from our bootcamp will get the chance to work on the Data team at HelloFresh and will receive: 

➔ €10K Scholarship to support expenses

➔ Internship for 6 months 

➔ Monthy pulse checks 

➔ Mentorship with women in tech 

What else would you possibly need to kick start your career in tech? If you’re still not feeling convinced, check out our interview with Sophia Sager who enrolled in a bootcamp, got a spot on HelloFresh’s Women In Tech Scholarship and is now a full-time Frontend Engineer.

If you’d like to learn more about ReDI School’s Women In Tech Programs check them out here.

Work with Xena

The market is calling out for diversity and we’re listening. We hire women in Engineering and Product for companies who are serious about closing the gender gap on their tech team. Work with us and gain access to our gender-diverse talent pool including Senior Engineer, Product and Leadership talent.

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