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Xena Women In Tech Awards: D&I Tech Employer of The Year

Which companies go above and beyond to make diversity and inclusion a reality?

As tech companies take a stance on D&I and hiring women or underrepresented minorities becomes a modus operandi rather than a temporary act – we live in times where diversity is slowly starting to feel tangible. Quite exciting if you ask us!

Even though D&I is a shared responsibility between us all, we can’t deny that companies play a crucial role in taking diversity and inclusion to the next level. Companies have the power to push the agenda forwards, set the tone, and simply show how it’s done through example. That’s precisely what this D&I Tech Employer of The Year Award is about. Dedicated to highlighting the work that is being done behind the scenes, from setting up internal D&I initiatives, ERG groups, to closing the pay gap and everything in between.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Preply to celebrate those companies that build inclusive environments for their employees, empower the minorities within their organisation, and are committed to making an impact in the tech industry. That’s why caught up with Sophie Ingham and Deepti Sahi from Preply to deep dive on our collaboration but in the meantime..

Who is the D&I Tech Employer of The Year Award for?

This award is dedicated to tech companies that have:
1. At least 1 HQ in Europe

2. Is committed to building diverse teams across the business

3. Inside-out a passion for equality, diversity and inclusion through specialised D&I teams and/or ERG Groups

4. Supports and encourages Women in Tech initiatives within their organisation

5. Acknowledges their role and impact on the progression of women in the industry

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We encourage you to vote for the company that inspires you. This company will be crowned the D&I Tech Employer of The Year and become a reference point within the industry. Help us pick the winner here.

At Preply, we understand that women in tech face unique challenges and barriers, and we are committed to supporting their career progression. We have a supportive and inclusive culture that helps everyone grow and develop. Whether it’s through our Preply mentorship program, exciting learning opportunities, or our amazing women leaders, we believe that women have the power to drive positive change and shape the future of tech. 

Sophie Ingham

Head of People at Preply

Deepti Sahi | VP, Group Classes

At Preply, our focus is to unlock human potential through learning. Every team member has an incredible opportunity to be part of an innovative and forward-thinking company that is constantly striving to make an impact in the global education space. On a daily basis, I am able to work with a team of talented and humble professionals who share the same passion for creating something that will make a difference in people’s lives. Through a mix of deep customer empathy and data-backed insights, we are consistently pushing the boundaries of what a delightful product experience could be for our learners and tutors. What makes it extra special is how diverse and inclusive our culture is. We celebrate our teams’ unique talents and perspectives and this enables each team member to thrive and genuinely feel part of our grand vision.” 

About our partner

Preply is proud to offer the best human learning experience. We believe learning with a great tutor is life-changing. That’s why we match online tutors from across the globe with learners and empower them to create personalised live language classes with tools and learning materials. This is how we deliver progress, create engagement and keep learners motivated.

Sponsoring this event is a special opportunity to make a lasting impact on the tech community. Our mission at Preply is to unlock human potential through learning. By coming together and supporting this cause, we have the power to inspire, educate, and empower individuals to unlock their full potential. We’re humbled to have this incredible opportunity to inspire and be inspired!

Who should win?

Your vote counts! Help us pick Europe’s D&I Tech Employer of The Year. The voting poll closes on the 22nd of February 2023.

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