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Xena Women in Tech Awards: The Open Sourcer Award 2023

Tell us the top collaborators in the open source space

There are tons of ways to learn how to code but we often get asked, what’s the best way to improve your skills? Our answer – by contributing to the open source space. 

So what is the Open Souce space? It’s a place where ambitious developers can stand out from the competition by contributing to various projects. Programmers can improve their skills, get inspired, and connect with like-minded people who all share the same passion to build something brilliant.  

Joining the Open Source Community sounds simple in practice. But it can be a daunting and lonely place for developers that identify as female or other. Amongst this loosely organised community, there are some pretty badass developers who contribute anything from minor projects to huge developments and more. It seemed only natural for us to team up with Stream – the ultimate developer toolkit for in-app chat + activity feeds to discover and celebrate Europe’s female developers in the Open Souce Community. 

Why you ask? Well the Open Source Community is more male-dominated than ever. Women rarely make up more than 10% of their contributors and participants. We think it’s time to shake things up in this community and pay tribute to the women who are leading the way. Are you with us? 

So who is the Open Source Award for? 

Nominees should be: 

1. A leader who identifies as she/her of they/them

2. Based in Europe

3. Have contributed to multiple projects in the Open Source space 

4. Demonstrated a passion for innovation and building brilliant projects that people love 

5. Is passionate about supporting women to succeed in the Open Source Community

Who can nominate? 

ANYONE. We encourage you to nominate yourself, your colleague, a friend, your manager or someone in the Open Source Community who inspires you.

Why should you nominate someone?

Not only will you be crowned the Open Source Leader of the year, but you will also receive some epic prizes from our partners. Now we have your attention? Nominate an Open Source Developer here.

Stream sponsor this award because

In my experience, Stream encourages diversity in all its forms and values everyone’s contribution, which is especially important for women in male-dominated fields. I have personally never felt treated differently or that I needed to prove my worth more than my male colleagues. On the contrary, the company takes active steps to make sure everyone is supported and creates all the conditions to allow everyone to reach their potential and make an impact.

Chiara Caratelli

Machine Learning Engineer at Stream

Zita Szupera | Lead Angular SDK Developer

“In my experience, we have a company culture where it doesn’t matter if I’m a woman or not, and I mean it the best way possible; we treat each other with the same respect, regardless of gender.”

About our partner

Stream is dedicated to delivering top quality APIs and SDKs, which would not be possible without access to the customer feedback and requests open source encourages. We are experiencing a technological renaissance and by using, sharing, and supporting open source Stream hopes to play a part in advancing it forward by maintaining and contributing to open source libraries and packages.
Keep up with Stream, visit our blog!



We want you to help us discover Europe’s technology leaders who are pushing the industry forward! Is it your colleague, manager, friend or someone in tech?

Tell us who inspires you. 


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