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Introducing The Xena Women In Tech Awards 2023

Meet our sponsors and discover all 8 categories

Are you ready for the Xena Women In Tech Awards 2023?

Europe’s first Women In Tech Awards has arrived. Get ready for an adrenaline-charged awards, honouring the stand-out leaders in tech.

We are so excited for next year’s much-anticipated event taking place on Friday, March 3 in Berlin.

We know that female representation in tech is a problem. We know we need more role models in the industry to inspire the next generation of tech talent. These awards truly celebrate the experts who we firmly believe are trailblazers in tech. And guess what? It’s not all down to us. We want you to help us discover Europe’s technology leaders who are pushing the industry forward!

Nominate your friend, a colleague, your manager or someone in tech who inspires you.

Just tell us:

1.Who they are

2.Why you have nominated them

We’ve teamed up with the most progressive companies in Europe that support our mission to close the gender gap in tech. Together, we want to celebrate and pay tribute to the leaders in the industry. Each of the nominees and winners will receive jaw-dropping prizes from our sponsors including Farfetch, Booking.com, Delivery Hero, Uber, Miro, HelloFresh, Get Stream and more. 

But first, allow us to introduce the categories:

Award Categories 

The Social Impact Award in partnership with Farfetch

This award is dedicated to that one woman who is so passionate about technology that they’ve even created their own side hustle to support more girls and women to access tech.




The Leadership Award in partnership with Uber

We all know at least one woman who goes above and beyond to excel in their technical leadership roles – this one is for you.

The Entrepreneur Of The Year Award in partnership with Miro

What is the most original, innovative, and a first of its kind startup on the scene right now that happens to be founded by a woman? This award celebrates you!

The CTO Award in partnership with GetYourGuide

The role of Chief Technology Officer is arguably the most influential position within the industry that requires diverse representation. It is a sad yet predictable fact that the role of CTO is still vastly dominated by men. This award celebrates the minority of female CTO’s in Europe.

The Open Sourcer Award in partnership with Get Stream

Are you a seasoned GitHub veteran who loves to collaborate, contribute and network with like-minded individuals in the Open Source space? For this award, we have set out on a mission to discover and celebrate women who are top collaborators and contributors in the open-source space. ​​

The One To Watch Award in partnership with HelloFresh

We believe tech leaders need to leave the ladder down for the next generation to come. This award celebrates the emerging leaders in engineering who show huge potential and have an exciting future in the tech industry.

The Allyship Award in partnership with Delivery Hero

Without having the support of people who hold positions of prilivelge can we truly close the gender gap in tech. We need more active allies for women with less access – it’s that simple. This award is dedicated to the people who actively promote and encourage the progression of women in technology.

The D&I Leader Award in partnership with Booking.com

We’ve seen a lot of progression around the topic of diversity in tech in recent years. But are we seeing action? This award is for the forward-thinkers who always have advanced diversity and inclusion in tech.

So what are you waiting for? NOMINATE HERE.

What’s our nomination and winner process? Here is everything explained.

The nomination and panel process is a detailed and multi-tiered one.

1. We at Xena compile the shortlist of women per category based on your nominations.

2. The Xena team selects the nominees and publishes the shortlist on our voting platform.

3. You vote for what women you would like to win per category.

4. Once the shortlist is published, winners are decided on a combination of public votes reviewed and finalised by our panel of tech industry experts – keep you eyes peeled for our panel announcement!

5. Winner details are announced at the Xena Women In Tech Awards in Berlin on Friday March, 3 2023.

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