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Xena Women in Tech Awards: The Leadership Award 2023

How and why to get nominated as a women in tech?

Following the announcement that our nominations are now open for the Xena Women In Tech Awards 2023, we want to share more details with you about WHO should apply for each award. And this week the focus is on – The Leadership Award. 

Exactly what it says on the tin. We’ve teamed up with our friends at Uber to uncover and celebrate the best female leaders in tech in Europe. 

As women in tech, we can be our own worst enemies when it comes to celebrating our successes. Especially when you consider the challenges we face like bias, technical credibility, imposter syndrome and gender stereotypes. Well, enough is enough. It’s time to change that and to start giving women in leadership the recognition they deserve! 

So who is our Leadership Award for? 

Nominees should be: 

1. In a leadership position in tech 

2. Based in Europe 

3. Must have a minimum of 5 years leadership experience

4. Demonstrated a flare for innovation, risk and achievement with quantitative evidence of success and growth

5. A passion for women in tech and girls in STEM

Who can nominate? 

ANYONE. We encourage you to nominate yourself, your colleague, a friend, your manager or someone in tech who you aspire to be. 

Why should you nominate someone?

Not only will you be crowned the tech leader of the year, but you will also receive some epic prizes from our partners. Now we have your attention? Nominate a leader here.

I’ve always tried to champion women’s empowerment in the workplace and beyond, which is why it makes me so proud that Uber is sponsoring an award to celebrate “Women in Leadership”. At Uber, we are committed to empowering women in our workplace – through initiatives like our “Women at Uber” ERG or targeted mentoring – as well as within our industry. I’m thrilled we are partnering with Xena, and I’m excited to see what we can do together to close the gender gap in tech.

Anabel Diaz

Vice President, Head of EMEA Mobility at Uber

Caroline Van den Hauwe | Engineering Manager II

“I was one of the 5% of female graduates of my university class when I joined Uber as a junior software developer. Over my past 8 years at Uber, I’ve found and grabbed many opportunities that challenged me and through trial and error have grown me as an engineer, a person and a leader. I know firsthand that diverse teams build better products for their diverse user base and that our industry and education systems still have a lot of work ahead. I’m fortunate to be able to listen to and work with our engineers and leaders to improve our inclusion and diversity locally, and excited to see teams like Xena to focus on providing this expertise across company borders.”

About our partner

You might recognize Uber as the smartphone app that connects people around the world at the push of a button. Behind this leading mobility platform is an innovative Engineering team building the technologies that power the platform and ignite opportunities for users worldwide. If solving hard challenges for millions of users around the world, and being at the forefront of smart experiences and technologies excites you, check out current openings at their Amsterdam European HQs.

Uber is committed to increasing demographic diversity and becoming a more actively anti-racist company and ally to the communities they serve. Learn more about how Uber actively manages and tracks their commitments and are progressing on all of them.

We want you to help us discover Europe’s technology leaders who are pushing the industry forward! Is it your colleague, manager, friend or someone in tech?
Tell us who inspires you.


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