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Empowering Women in STEM

2022 in Review – Celebrating a Successful Collaboration with ReDI School Of Integration and donating 68.000 € into STEM

At Xena, we believe in the power of collaboration and the positive impact it can have on society. We are thrilled to share the results of our ongoing partnership with ReDI School of Integration.

We proudly sponsored 2 semesters of the Python and Data Analytics Bootcamp which helps create pathways into tech for women with a forced migration background. In an era where diversity and inclusion are more important than ever, we are thrilled to share our joint efforts!

A big thank you to our partners. By choosing to work with us, we can make our mission a reality.

Together, we’re making a difference in empowering women in tech. Want to learn more? Check out our past events with ReDi School here: Paving A Road For Women In Tech , Calling All Career-Changers! and Rise & Thrive: Career Advice Sprint.

So, what was achieved from January – December 2022?

In 2022 we donated: 68.000 € – which enabled ReDI to open an additional course in the DigitalWomen Program ‘Coding with Python’ track in Berlin. This was in response to the needs of ReDI female-identifying learners who would like to pursue careers in data and a topic with many job opportunities in Germany.

First things first, ReDi recruited 6 volunteer teachers and 14 female students for a 6-session course in Spring 2022, culminating in a data visualization project and a company visit with HelloFresh in Berlin.

Christina, one of the graduates from the pilot course, was offered an internship in HelloFresh’s data team starting September 2022.

The pilot course was then extended into a regular 12-weeks course starting from the Fall 2022 semester.

Meet the Volunteer Teachers

A team of 13 committed teachers from 11 different countries has been voluntarily dedicating their time, helping ReDI School to provide this course free of charge. These passionate instructors (experienced professionals working in the fields of Data Analytics, Data Science and Software Development), collaborated to develop the 12-week curriculum and teaching materials including weekly assignments and the hands-on final class project.

Each semester, teachers run at least 2 Planning sessions, defining the curriculum and the final project.

Industry experts: Team of 6-8 data scientists and analysts, senior engineers each semester

Diverse team: 8 nationalities represented

Focus on: hands-on, practical skills

Big shout out to Alex, Anastasia, Anna, Anne, Ajay, Aurelie, Diana, Fariha, Felix, Isidora, Julián, Kartthik, and Sercan for investing their time, energy and passion for data to empower the ReDI learners.

Meet the Learners

Out of a total of 45 applications from ReDI’s vibrant community,  14 motivated learners were carefully handpicked for the sought-after pilot class in Data Analytics. Over two-thirds of these learners held master’s degrees in diverse fields like chemical engineering, art history, and biotechnology. 

These talented individuals joined ReDI with a strong desire to dive headfirst into the world of data analytics. Their goal? To sharpen their Python and SQL skills and pave the way for a career in the thriving tech scene of Berlin.

Spring Semester 2022 (Pilot)

In Spring 2022, ReDI celebrated a monumental achievement as all the female learners successfully graduated from the pilot program. Their invaluable feedback allowed ReDI’s dedicated volunteers to refine the curriculum and design the extended class that kicked off in September. 

Diverse class: 10 nationalities represented – 14 female learners were selected out of 45 applicants

Graduation rate: 100%

Fall Semester 2022 

Last year, we had the privilege of supporting a total of 29 remarkable female learners, hailing from 14 different countries. Just imagine the diverse perspectives, experiences, and skills they brought to the table! We are immensely proud of each and every one of them.

Diverse class: 12 nationalities represented – 15 female learners were selected out of 34 applicants

Graduation rate: 75%

Thank you for a very enriching experience! I was struggling to find the confidence to come back to the tech world after starting a PhD in Arts History and this class was exactly what I needed to show me that I still have it!

Daria C.

Digital Women Program at Data Analytics Spring 2022

Student Project Demo Spotlight:

Fall Semester 2022: Caro & Shenya

Project Description:

The initial project idea was to analyse the StackOverflow developer survey data of 2022 to determine whom to hire for a data team at a tech company. Since StackOverflow gathers the data anonymously, these students decided to see the nature of the data job market. 

They chose data analysts, data scientists and data engineers and analysed their proficiency in Python and SQL, employment preferences and age distribution. The latter part is about gender distribution and exploring mental health and accessibility information.

What they found really interesting was that quite a number of survey respondents marked multiple data roles. They were excluded from the detailed analysis. Only 9% identified as women, 4% other gendered. The vast majority were men.  The other surprising finding was that 20% mentioned mental health concerns. 3% reported accessibility requirements. 

This shows that there is much work to be done to make the playing ground balanced for women and non-binary people in professions related to data. Accessibility in the workplace is a must. Making workplaces less stressful and including mental health coverage could be very advantageous for both workers and the company.

Our Partnership Experience

“From the moment we embarked on this journey together, it was evident that Xena and ReDI share a common mission—to empower more women in the tech industry. Beyond their financial support, we cannot express enough gratitude for the exceptional collaboration, encouragement, and genuine warmth extended to our community.

What sets Xena apart is their remarkable dedication and personalised support. Even on short notice, Xena’s recruiters enthusiastically invested their time in fine-tuning our learners’ CVs and preparing them for interviews. This level of care and availability directly translates into empowerment and integration. Together, we are making a lasting impact and forging a path towards a more diverse and inclusive tech community in Berlin and beyond. We are very proud to have such a professional and caring partner by our side!” –Alina Floroiu, Digital Women Program Manager

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