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Xena Women in Tech Awards: The Entrepreneur Of The Year Award 2023

Calling All Founders In Tech – Could you be Xena’s first Entrepreneur of the year?

If you’re a dedicated Xena Community reader you will have noticed that September was all about female Founders in tech. So we thought, what better month to launch our Entrepreneur of the year category for our women in tech awards! 

There are millions of female entrepreneurs in the world.  But only 20% of start-ups have at least one female Founder globally. It leaves you asking the question why are there only a few female start-up Founders? Is there something women are not doing right or are there obvious obstacles preventing them from achieving their goals?

There are many factors that contribute to the low number of female entrepreneurs as opposed to male Founders like: 

→ Being a mother and raising kids

→ Women starting businesses less technical in nature

→ Gender gaps and stereotypes 

→ Misogny in a male-dominated sector

→ Lack of investment capital 

Despite the long list of barriers and obstacles women face, female entrepreneurs can break into tech – and we plan to show you the trailblazers in the industry. We’ve teamed up with Miro, the online collaborative whiteboard platform with over 7 million users to discover and celebrate Europe’s female tech Founders. 

So who is the Entrepreneur Of The Year Award for? 

Nominees should be: 

1. A Founder in tech who identifies as she/her or they/them

2. Based in Europe 

3. Has created a product that is original, innovative and the first of it’s kind 

4. Is a champion for women in technology with quantitative evidence to support this

Who can nominate? 

ANYONE. We encourage you to nominate yourself, your Founder, or a friend in tech who inspires you.

Why should you nominate a Founder? Not only will this person be crowned the Entrepreneur Of The Year, but they will also receive some epic prizes from our partners. So what are you waiting for? Nominate an Entrepreneur here.

Miro sponsors this award because

Miro is a diverse organization where our values underscore and amplify our culture. Our culture puts a big emphasis on practicing empathy to gain insights into different viewpoints and on continuous learning and improvement. Women are a thriving and active part of Miro, contributing to shaping our culture and leading many global organizations such as legal, brand, user experience research, customer experience and more.

Briana Rogers

Head of Product Marketing at Miro

Sangeeta Chakraborty⎢Chief Customer Officer

“One of the most important ways to attract women to careers in tech is to increase the visibility and amplify the voice of the amazing women leaders already in this field who are building companies, growing teams, and driving valuable innovation for the future. In sponsoring the Xena Women in Tech Awards, we aim to uncover incredible stories of women entrepreneurs to inspire the next generation of leaders.”

About our partner

At Miro, we are a team of dreamers. We look for individuals who dream big, work hard and above all stay humble. Collaboration is at the heart of what we do and through our work together we hope to create a supportive, welcoming, and innovative environment. We strive to play as a team to win the world and create a better version of ourselves everyday. If this sounds like something that excites you, we want to hear from you!

We want you to help us discover Europe’s technology leaders who are pushing the industry forward! Is it your colleague, manager, friend or someone in tech?

Tell us who inspires you.


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