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Navigating The 5 Stages Towards DEI Maturity In Global Organisations

Insights from Oana Iordachescu, founder of We Include

Xena Tech Summit 2024

Oana Iordachescu is a Talent and TA Executive Advisor and DEI Strategist with over 15 years of experience in Technology Talent Acquisition and DEI solutions in some of the most influential tech organisations such as Meta, Booking.com or Wayfair.

Oana is the founder of We Include, a consulting firm that helps organisations build sustainable businesses and inclusive workplaces by co-creating and implementing personalized DEI strategies, workshops, training, hiring, and events design. She is a professional speaker and podcast host, a CIPD-certified HR professional, and a Yale School of Management Women in Leadership program alumna. She is passionate about amplifying initiatives that create an inclusive and resilient workplace, and empowering leaders to take action with confidence. Oana is also the Conference Director at Fair Barcelona, an immersive event that connects policymakers, DEI experts, and inclusive leaders for a more equitable and inclusive future of work.

At our recent Xena Tech Summit, Oana shared insights about the journey towards Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) maturity within global organisations at our Diverse Hiring & Equitable Workplaces Track. 

What are the five stages towards achieving DEI maturity within global organisations?

From recognising the importance of diversity to implementing inclusive practices at every level, Oana emphasised the significance of progressing through each stage deliberately and purposefully through all 5 stages:

1. Aware e.g. DEI is new to my organisation and we are just becoming aware of its importance.

2. Compliant e.g. DEI in my organisation is focused on compliance and legal requirements.

3. Tactical e.g. DEI has been connected to business initiatives and outcomes in pockets of the organisation.

4. Integrated e.g. DEI is part of everything we do as an organisation, we have both internal and external efforts on DEI.

5. Sustainable e.g. DEI efforts are best in class and remain strong over time through our efforts to continuously improve and evolve.

In today’s dynamic workplace, every moment counts. From the very first day of onboarding to the critical initial 90 days of the performance cycle.

Oana stressed the importance of creating an environment where diversity, equity, and inclusion thrive.

We Include offers meticulously designed training programs to equip teams with the strategies needed to infuse these key milestones with the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion, ultimately unlocking a new era of employee engagement, satisfaction, and productivity.

Setting Goals Beyond Compliance

While compliance with legal requirements is crucial, Oana challenged organisations to set goals that transcend mere regulatory obligations. DEI initiatives should aim for outcomes that surpass compliance targets, fostering a culture where diversity, equity, and inclusion are deeply ingrained in the organisation’s DNA.

Creating Systems and Structures

DEI should permeate every facet of an organisation’s operations. Oana emphasised the need for both internal and external efforts in creating systems and structures that support diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. This holistic approach ensures that DEI becomes an integral part of the organisational framework, driving sustainable change.

The Journey Continues

As Oana concluded her speech, she reminded the audience that the journey towards DEI maturity is ongoing.

It requires continuous commitment, adaptation, and innovation.

By embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion as core values, organisations can not only attract top talent but also foster innovation and creativity, ultimately driving success in today’s diverse and dynamic global landscape.

See Oana’s deck here.

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