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Xena Summit 2024

Here’s the download on our first Tech Summit

Exchanging insights straight from our favourite source: our community.

For our second edition of the Women in Tech Awards, we knew we wanted to add a new ingredient to the mix: knowledge exchange.

Having a community filled with experts and leaders in tech – it is a no-brainer that we have to give them a mic and a stage. On the day before our Awards ceremony, Feb 29th, over 650 attendees joined us for our first edition of our Tech Summit in Berlin.

With 42 speakers and over 25 slots to pick from – it was a conference like no other. This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our partners in crime: Babbel, Clue, Axel Springer NMT and HV Capital.

We made sure to keep it short and sweet, that is why we we divided the afternoon into 4 tracks – so everyone had something to pick from and explore different themes.

Track 1: Engineering & Technical Leadership

As our main track, we made sure our speakers were seasoned engineers, tech visionaries, and aspiring leaders who delved into the art of engineering excellence and impactful leadership. Through thought-provoking discussions and networking opportunities – no doubt our attendees gained invaluable insights and strategies to propel their careers and drive innovation in tech.

Meet the speakers.

If you couldn’t join us that day – fear not, we got you covered. Voted as one of the favourite talks of the day, get to know Elena Kovalenko’s insights on tech leadership in large-scale projects.


Track 2: Product Development & Beyond

This track was a proper deep dive into the product world where seasoned product managers, industry experts, and forward-thinking professionals explored the frontiers of product management and its far-reaching impact. With a diverse range of perspectives, our attendees discovered how product management principles can transcend traditional boundaries with diversity at its core.

Meet the speakers.

This track was filled with insights like no other, we couldn’t simply gatekeep. Find below summaries from the top 3 talks:

Viktoria Korzhova’s insights on building an inclusive roadmap.

Chiedza Muguti’s insights on applying the product development process to building thriving teams.

Rhiannon White’s insights on illuminating the tapestry of women’s health


Track 3: Inclusive Investment & Funding

We brought together visionaries, investors, and entrepreneurs to discuss the crucial need for inclusive investment practices, empowering underrepresented voices and bridging the gap in funding opportunities. Both VCs and founders shared their perspectives on the status quo and how can we change it.

Meet the speakers.

Make sure to Anna Ott’s insights on 10 hacks to make recruitment more inclusive.


Track 4: Diverse Hiring & Equitable Workplaces

Our attendee’s discovered the strategies and best practices from EU’s tech leaders on how to build diverse teams and cultivate equitable workplaces. Learn which steps as an organisation you must take in order to build a workforce that celebrates individual differences and promotes inclusivity.

Meet the speakers.

Last but not least, take a few mins to get Oana Iordachescu’s insights on navigating the 5 stages towards DEI maturity in global organisations. You’ll thank us later.

Let’s make DEI in tech a reality. 

Start by diversifying your tech team with us.

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