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From Breaking Glass Ceilings to Joining Boardrooms

8 Leaders Revolutionising the Tech Industry across Germany and UK

Good news: women are breaking through barriers and assuming leadership positions in the tech industry – both in C-suite roles and on company boards.

Not so good news: Europe-wide, women hold only 15.2% of executive positions in the largest publicly listed technology companies in Europe. (Source: European Commission) and only 7.8% of board seats in the technology sector are held by women in European Union countries. (Source: European Institute for Gender Equality).

Progress IS being made and the rise of these trailblazing women IS happening and we are thrilled to spotlight 8 inspiring leaders across Europe and UK.

P.S. If you are wondering how we can keep us this momentum and create a more inclusive tech industry for all …make sure to read until the end!

The Status Quo

The rise of women in C-suite positions and on tech company boards is a cause for celebration, hope and optimism.

However, there is still a long way to go in achieving true gender parity in the tech industry. Let’s see some stats for 2 of our favourite tech hub cities:

–Only 16% of executive positions in tech companies in London are held by women. (Source: Tech London Advocates)
–Female representation on boards in the technology sector in the UK stands at just 19%. (Source: Tech Nation)

–Women make up only 9% of board positions in German technology companies. (Source: DIW Berlin)
–Only 5% of executive board positions in Berlin’s tech industry are held by women. (Source: D64 – Center for Digital Progress)

Allow us to Introduce 

Meet the leaders shaping the tech industry across Germany and UK:

Alice Pelton 

is the CEO and Co-Founder of The Lowdown, the world’s first review platform for contraception. It’s now the UK’s leading contraception and sexual and reproductive health platform, used by thousands of women every day to make informed decisions about their everyday health.

Based in: London, United Kingdom

Namrata Sandhu

is the co-founder and CEO of Vaayu, a startup that is helping retailers track and cut their carbon emissions. She has over 17 years of international experience building, developing and implementing sustainability strategies across companies. She has worked with Zalando and Arcadia group to enhance their sustainability efforts and is also currently a board member of Nia, a platform that is supporting girls to be mentored and reach their dreams

Based in: Berlin, Germany

Anna Brailsford

is the co-founder and CEO of Code First Girls, as well as an Advisor at HM Treasury Women in Finance Charter. Code First Girls is a social enterprise dedicated to transforming tech by providing the skills, space and inspiration for women to become successful developers and future tech leaders. 

Based in: London, England


Audrey Tsang

Co-CEO of Clue, Audrey was the CPO before taking on the shared responsibility of leading the company. Previously, Audrey led products and teams at Pinterest, HotelTonight, and Yelp. Founded in Berlin in 2013, Clue is taking on the world by storm as the science-backed leader in femtech, helping over 12 million people with a cycle to understand their menstrual health.

Based in: Berlin, Germany

Daisy Onubogu

COO of Diversity VC, Daisy is also Backed VC’s Head of Network and Community and a strong voice in creating a fairer and more diverse VC sector. Diversity VC is focused on building a network of VC professionals, working with universities and young professionals to help firms hire from more diverse backgrounds, and producing research to get a better understanding of the current state of the industry and how to improve it.

Based in: Berlin, Germany

Lubomila Jordanova

is the founder and CEO of Plan A, a science-backed and AI-drive Saas platform for business carbon accounting, decarbonisation and ESG reporting. Lubomila also co-founded the Greentech Alliance, a community that connects over 3000 greentech companies to over 500 VCs, media and experts, and, she part of the Obama Foundation Leaders Europe programme, which aims to build a network of changemakers driving impact in their communities.

Based in: Berlin, Germany


Ekaterina Almasque

General Partner of OpenOccean VC, Ekaterina is a leading voice within European venture capital. Ekaterina was also recently part of the ‘Invest in Women NOW’ report calling for action from the European Commission to address inequities in funding for female-led firms. Ekaterina is on the board of IQM, the European leader for superconducting quantum computers, as well as several other companies.

Based in: London, England

Jessica Holzbach

Co-founder of Germany’s Penta business bank, Jessica Holbach has Forbes 30 under 30, Capital 40 under 40, and Founder of the Year by German Startup Association under her belt. Her latest venture is cashing in on the crypto wave with Pile, a crypto-as-a-service platform, that helps fintechs and neobanks to integrate crypto offerings. She is a Member of The Supervisory Board for Fürstlich Castell’sche Bank and an Angel Investor at JILL.

Based in: Berlin, Germany

So, what’s next? How can we make the Tech Industry More Inclusive?

Promoting Education and Training: Encourage and support young girls and women to pursue careers in technology through STEM education programs, mentorship initiatives, and coding workshops. By providing equal opportunities and resources, we can nurture future generations of women in tech.

Check out Xena’s partnership with ReDI and VHTO.

Cultivating an Inclusive Work Culture: Tech companies must actively foster an environment that values diversity, inclusivity, and equality. This includes implementing fair hiring practices, offering flexible work arrangements, and providing mentoring and advancement opportunities for women.

Discover 5 Employee Benefits To Attract & Retrain Women In Tech or How to navigate parenthood in tech.

Establishing Mentorship and Networking Programs: Create platforms for women in tech to connect, share experiences, and build professional relationships. Mentorship programs can provide guidance and support, helping women navigate the challenges of advancing in the industry.

Tech Communities in London
Tech Meetups in Berlin

Advocating for Gender Diversity Policies: Encourage companies to adopt policies that prioritise gender diversity and inclusivity. This can include setting measurable goals for representation, conducting regular diversity audits, and implementing unconscious bias training.

Learn more about how to create a diverse Slack code of conduct and meet the DE&I Rising Stars in Berlin and Amsterdam.

Let us join forces to ensure that the tech industry is a place where women can excel, lead, and shape the future of technology.

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